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  1. chapal chor
  2. nemix
    nemix System3
    Hi, how did you root ZUI 2.5 Nougat? I flashed SR3-SuperSU-v2.79-SYSTEMMODE and it bricked my phone. flashing zui 2.5 again now, do you have a root zip?
    1. Muzaffar Hussain
      Muzaffar Hussain
      I rooted using SuperSU-v2.79-SR2 without any problem. After flashing and reboot your phone will reboot again during the boot for one time only.
      Jan 20, 2017 at 5:34 AM
  3. harun yilmaz
    harun yilmaz MarkH-ZUK
    Hello dear admin ı send to you e-mail
  4. Jalal
    Jalal Daniel_84
    Hey man.

    I'm a noob. I'm really hoping someone can help me out. UK based and ordered a Zuk Z2 Plus from gearbest.

    I'm worried that my phone won't have the playstore installed/ no google sync. Hopefully it will have it. In case it doesn't, what should I do?

    Can you link me to the appropriate thread? What ROM should I install (link), how do I unlock bootloader etc?
  5. Jordi Gomez
    Jordi Gomez Francko76
    Dear Francko, sorry for disturbing you, but I bricked my phone, and I saw that you successfully unbricked your zuk z2, my phone stuck at 900E mode, can u help me? Thank u very much i have the z2 too. :D
  6. SenK9
    SenK9 Fedor917
    Fedor, you saved me with your TWRP (https://yadi.sk/d/JWaxwHrj34c6RJ). I have a Z2, running your CM13-based RR with full encryption. None of the other 4 TWRPs I tried could decrypt /data, so TWRP couldn't be used, until I finally found yours. Saved me from unencrypted device (must have because of security req), and I can finally do backup and flashing. THANK YOU! Please update donation info, I buy you a few beers!
    1. Fedor917 likes this.
    2. Fedor917
      Jan 10, 2017
  7. Dave989
    Hi everyone
  8. kretovsky
    kretovsky Asep Jamaludin
    hello, do you fix your problem with 900e problem?
  9. Litter Zsolt
    Litter Zsolt tibcsi0407
    Üdv! Bocsi a zavarásért. Elkövettem azt a ballépést, hogy előzetes infók nélkül megrendeltem egy Zuk Z2 mobilt. A telefonon kiválasztható magyar nyelv nagyon gyenge. Van rá megoldás esetleg ROM cserével, hogy a kínai alkalmazások eltűnjenek és egy teljesen használható magyar kezelőfelület legyen? Köszi, Zsolt
  10. Jobayer Bin Showkat
    Jobayer Bin Showkat crisps
    Hi there , thanks for all the hard work , wanted to point out shouldn't there be a page for the zuk edge ?
  11. CHriZzT.
    CHriZzT. shild
    Wie mache ich das im CMD am PC...habe da doch keine richtige Verbindung über das USB Kabel ... oder??

    How do I do this in the CMD s.PC ... but there is no proper connection over the USB cable ... or ??
    1. shild
      Du hängst irgendwie in einen bootloader. Schließ Mal per USB an den PC und geh in dein ADB Ordner -> cmd -> ADB reboot oder fastboot reboot.

      Youre still in a ADB oder fastboot Mode.
      Connect via USB and type ADB reboot or fastboot reboot.
      Jan 4, 2017
  12. Trane1000
    Trane1000 MarkH-ZUK
    Hi Mark, Could you please guide me through the operations to help translate the Rom in french ? not a github connoisseur.

    Best Regards
  13. Trane1000
    Still waiting for shipping
  14. Ali Wardani
    Ali Wardani Rzky
    hi there
    where u come from?
  15. Rzky
    lets do it 2017 (:
  16. Magz Heaven
    Magz Heaven
    Looking for a stable ROM
  17. reboot1
    reboot1 VonFrosta
    Hey there, a simple wipe cache/data/dalvik before your install should solve the problem!

    See ya!c
  18. furkanyukselx
  19. mp_mogambo
    Hey, is it possible to have voLTE in zuk z1??
  20. Eadweard
    Eadweard Francko76
    Hi Francko.

    I've read on a thread about a zui Multilanguage fans and the user Crisps told me to contact you. I am a Portuguese guy currently living in Italy and I am available to help with Portuguese translation if needed. I could also give a hand with Italian però guardando il tuo profilo non mi sembra il caso ;) Note: Waiting for my Zuk2 to arrive Torino