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  1. neiczha leex
    neiczha leex
    Vera Slim-An Easy Technique Eliminate Weight
  2. Alexzui
    Alexzui polini
    Hello, you asked my emailaddress. Did you get it? It's alexbakarbessy@gmail.com
    You can send me some pictures of the Edge, but if you say it's in very good condition then i trust you. Next week i can buy it, if you can wait. Maybe sooner, then i will let you know. Thanks, Alex

    p.s. you can send me a request for pay via PayPal later on.
  3. xumbi
    xumbi evim_l
    Hi there,

    My Sim 1 is ready (i got only one sim).
    I didnt understand the step 4. What should i do?

    Thanks for the help
  4. Venkat ramana
    Venkat ramana
    now it showing mi logo thats it and going to ffbm mode what to do do.in service centre they are it is dead
  5. Venkat ramana
    Venkat ramana
    then I installed pixelrom,aosprom,mi rom and then I want to install zui3.5 I installed via twrp I came something Chinese I pressed it.
  6. Venkat ramana
    Venkat ramana
    what I did is first I unlocked my boot loader.
  7. Venkat ramana
    Venkat ramana
    I did something to my phone
  8. canacchione
    canacchione Satiryco
    sorry if I disturb you, I do not know if you are Italian or of another nationality. I just wanted to confirm my doubt. I read in the post that you have updated to RR. Since yesterday I flashato my zuk z2 pro a oreo with the zui 3.5 using qfil, I wanted to know if I can install this rom RR and if I have to always use qfil, also know if this rom is multilanguage. Forgive my ignorance
  9. Bernard
    Bernard athos
    Hi. I'm a new member from France with a poor english. Can you let me know how to post a question? Thanks
  10. darf10
    darf10 Felipe.Marinho
    Boa noite meu amigo! Estava olhando aqui seu post, que vc estava com problema nos sensores do zuk z2 pro... Como foi que você resolveu este problema? Poderia me dizer? Estou com o mesmo problema
  11. JEAN56
    JEAN56 Guyllheaume
    merci à toi et bonne journée
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  12. JEAN56
    JEAN56 Guyllheaume
    j'ai essayé sur recovery mais cela n'a rien changé ,me semble t'il car je ne sais pas ce que cela doit changé(mise à part les mises à jours)je parle en aspect,ca change quoi,car je suis toujours en interface de twrp
    1. Guyllheaume
      C'est bien recovery qu'il faut sélectionner. Normal que tu ne vois pas de changement, c'est toujours le 3.2.1, les modifs se font "sous le capot". Normalement ça ajoute une partition supplémentaire, qui permet la mise en place de treble.
      Mar 12, 2018
  13. JEAN56
    JEAN56 Guyllheaume
    l'ai renommé,installe,tout d'abord dans le twrp pour le trouver dans intaller,je dois chercher dans" image" et aprés l'avoir selectionné,je dois choisir quoi selectionner entre :
    systeme image
    vendor image
  14. JEAN56
    JEAN56 Guyllheaume
    Merci,je telecharge.
  15. JEAN56
    JEAN56 Guyllheaume
    1. Guyllheaume
      Oui normalement c'est ça. Pense à changer "flash zip" par "flash img" ;)
      Mar 12, 2018
  16. Ganesh uppuluri
    Ganesh uppuluri
    Nothing to say .
  17. BeGeek
    Aie Aie Aie cette rom mokee 8.1 EN BOMBE !!!
  18. nemos5
    nemos5 JEAN56
    Excuse moi
    je suis en rom stock en ZUI 2.5 mais je n' ai pas de mise à jour pour avoir la 3.1 est ce normal?
  19. Tomek1987
    ZUI 3.1.218
  20. ciro
    ciro Francko76
    Ciao Francko... volevo dirti che ho comprato lo Zuk Edge solo quando ho visto che avevi compilato tu una rom per questo smartphone e te ne sono davvero grato!!!
    Mica stai lavorando per regalarci anche una rom basata su Oreo? Grazie