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New Profile Posts

  1. raffaferreiraa
    Miui 9 para Zuk Z2 pro, ja saiu?
    1. DarkWinterCloud
      Não, a versão para o Z2 Plus está com diversos problemas, a versão para o Pro vai demorar muito para sair provavelmente...
      Sep 18, 2017 at 6:00 PM
  2. nikhilanand2
    Z2 Plus-Stock Zui 2.5 -4k 60fps-1080p 120fps.
  3. Aldroid
    La Tecnologia supera sempre l'immaginazione...
  4. Aldroid
    La Tecnologia supera sempre l'immaginazione...
  5. Rafee Shaik
    Rafee Shaik tommyboy7
    How you getting 7+ SoT...in my case it was poor.. can you tell me the settings you applied.. im using same version, but battery was poor.. please tell me to get better battery
  6. Strusiu
    Strusiu ZukZ2Fan
    Mam pytanie, skąd wziąłeś polskie czcionki do MIUI? Wrzuciłem sobie MIUI na zapasowego zuka i się trochę bawię.
  7. Luiz Teixeira
    Luiz Teixeira
    Hello guys!!!
  8. Hrithik of
    Hrithik of bruneba
    help me my zuk z2 goes into black screen and notification led is turn on
    1. bruneba
  9. Hrithik of
  10. Hrithik of
    Hrithik of telebog
    brother help me
  11. vandana
    mobile IMI1 :86216803002341 is not switch on
  12. xdsnake
  13. Pavan Parameshwar
    Pavan Parameshwar
    Hi.I am about to replace my Z2 plus screen as it was cracked.Do I need original ROM to be installed for the touch to be working perfectly?
    1. DarkWinterCloud
      No. Hardware repair doesnt change the software function.
      Aug 31, 2017
  14. R0GERI0
    Please help me in Viper4android you indicated me the link, more I didn't understand what to lower and later what to do, please help me friend.

    does he improve the sound notably?
    1. MRDA
      Have you installed it?
      Aug 29, 2017
  15. DarkShine
    DarkShine Groo
    Hi, I've noticed you have some experience working with custom roms. Could you please tell me how to perform a clean TWRP rom install? What do I have to select in the wiping menu from TWRP?
  16. sourabh005
    You can do anything, but not everything
  17. DarkShine
    DarkShine memokalel
  18. HerrFreundlich
    Hi, if you clicked here you probably want to know anything about me, right? So just send me a message and maybe I can help <3. STAY FRIENDLY
  19. Per-Otto
    Per-Otto Donát Szabó
    Hello! Do you now what is best rom for me here in Norway? And can you link to me the esyest way to chane rom? Best regards Per-Otto
  20. kunalvirk
    Lenovo ZUK Z2 Plus, 64GB Black