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    deleted os twrp work

    I can help someone here to remove the files together with the system I have unlocked bootloader and twrp how can I put on the phone system to install it with twrp? The phone turns on twrp when connected to a computer but it does not show the drive so I can upload any ideas? i need mtp and...
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    usuniety system zuk edge

    witam moze ktos tu pomoze usunelem pliki razem z systemem mam odblokowany bootloader i twrp jakim sposobem moge wrzucic na telefon system zeby go zainstalowac z twrp ? telefon po wlaczeniu uruchamia twrp po podlaczeniu do komputera wykrywa go lecz nie pokazuje dysku zebym mogl wrzucic pliki...
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    [ROM] ZUK Edge Magic Fun 7.1.2 Second Edition by Zhang -Super 丶 slow

    Hi plis upload this new rom to mega or anything Password : 4f73 Author: super slow Repair long press home Add Alipay Fingerprint payment Update part blob Kernel merge tag to caf the latest, add adrenoboost game optimization (specific usage reference my music...
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    Twrp instalation no work

    Hello i have a problem i can not install twrp by adb because after passing adb command bootloader reboot the phone turns on in bootloader but it unplug it from pc installs a grossoshop tutorial who will help?