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    Link for Fedor RR 5.8.3 ?

    yes i am indian but right now for study i came abroad here is no volte
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    ROM ROM's by Fedor917

    RR-N-v5.8.3 Nougat 7.1.2 ROM by Fedor917 | Lenovo Z2 Plus | Zuk Z2
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    Reason some People have hardware problems on custom roms

    i tried cm13 and it is my daily driver since december working great. i also tried linage os by harsha but i was having problems in that rom like audio was not clear and RAM usage was also very high. then i installed official nougat rom zui 2.5 and used it for about 3 weeks and it was having...
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    MOD Custom splash screen mod

    This is not bootanimation, this is the splash screen. the 'Zuk' boot logo which is displayed when device is switched ON