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    ROM [OFFICIAL] [9.0] [TREBLE] AospExtended ROM V6.4

    I actually had the same idea yesterday. I flashed 1.9 via QFIL and started following @bruneba 's guide here. Begun the process at 100% battery, everything was going well, but the phone started doing the same crap again, rebooting shortly after bootup. I plugged it in and continued OTA updates...
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    ROM [OFFICIAL] [9.0] [TREBLE] AospExtended ROM V6.4

    Okay, I have a weird battery problem. Not sure if it's primarily hardware or software-related, or both; that's why I am posting here. I still have the original battery from 2 years ago, which certainly suffers some degradation (accubatery says it's at 85% capacity). However, the problem is that...
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    ROM [OFFICIAL] [9.0] [TREBLE] AospExtended ROM V6.4

    Thanks @hahatulk, I am not touching LKT then! Will try your Gcam suggestion asap. Any tips regarding installation?
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    ROM [OFFICIAL] [9.0] [TREBLE] AospExtended ROM V6.4

    Which gcam do you suggest for AEX 6.3? Or any other cam, for that matter? Also, has anyone tried the LKT module from within Magisk? Does it improve battery life on the Z2 Pro?
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    3.5.376 to 388 OTA

    Just my two cents: after a couple of days on 3.5.388, I can say it is the most battery-friendly ROM I remember.
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    Which battery is that mate?
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    It's true I might receive the battery before you, however, I don't need to replace it right away since mine still works (although not as good as it used it). Just bought it to have it handy.
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    Hi Nikolaos, Have you received the battery? I ordered the exact same a couple weeks ago and I am expecting it, Would be cool if it actually delivers on its promise :)
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    New Stock ROM via OTA: 2.5.462

    Just received an update via OTA. Android security code is June 1. Here are the release notes from Google Translate: Update log Upgrade aspect ZUI 2.5 enhanced patch version. This version of the main repair occasional standby system wake-up problem, even now open the security center associated...
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    Are Shop/Vendor/Fake ROMs custom ROMs?

    Hey, I am sorry for the somewhat off-topic question, but it just dawned to me: If ShopROMs are custom-made ones, then how come the bootloader is still locked when you receive the phone? Am I missing something here? I am sorry if this has been answered elsewhere...
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    ZUK Z2 PRO bricked and can't even shut it down

    I tried reverting to stock 1.9 with QFIL method 2. But I started getting the dreaded "sahara" error, although the package contents were placed inside c:\ZUK as instructed. Anyway, I tried several times and at one point it started downloading, only to fail a few seconds later. And that's it. The...
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    2.5.381 ST stock calendar.apk

    Can someone please upload the stock 2.5 calendar apk? Google Calendar doesn't work for me for some reason and I deleted the stock app unfortunately :(
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    ZUI 2.5.335 ST - Low Geekbench 4 scores

    ROM version is in the thread title: 2.5.335 stock.
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    ZUI 2.5.335 ST - Low Geekbench 4 scores

    Hello, I recently received my Z2 Pro 6/128 which I immediately flashed via QFIL to 2.5.335 stock. Although I am not a big fan of benchmarks, I ran geekbench to compare to the S7 edge and S6 of a friend of mine. Well, the scores are too low for a 820-based flagship, they are even lower than the...