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Dec 13, 2017
Jun 18, 2016
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Sep 29, 1976 (Age: 41)

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Staff Admin, Male, 41, from Italy

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Finally a Forum Clean ! Oct 13, 2016

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Dec 13, 2017
    1. Shailendrasinh Jadeja
      Shailendrasinh Jadeja
      Hey Francko76,

      I have same issue on my Z2 Plus. Can you please help me? My email id is shailujadeja4@gmail.com
    2. ciro
      Ciao Francko... volevo dirti che ho comprato lo Zuk Edge solo quando ho visto che avevi compilato tu una rom per questo smartphone e te ne sono davvero grato!!!
      Mica stai lavorando per regalarci anche una rom basata su Oreo? Grazie
    3. Massimo76
      Ciao Francko, ho istallato la tua ROM su Zuk Z2 (v. 2.5.412 ST), ma non riesco a trovare il menu per togliere il pin della sim, dove lo trovo?
      Fammi sapere, Grazie.

      HI, Francko, where is the menu item to cut off the sim pin code on your ZUK Z2 ROM (v. 2.5.412 ST) ?
      Let me know, Thanks
    4. woza77
      Hello. Is there any hope for multi-lingual ZUI 3.1 from you on ZUK Z2 Pro?
    5. ender
      Please, add Turkish in your release (ZUK Z2 Plus).
    6. teacherbo
      Hi Francko76,

      I'm Marc from Germany and I have one question/problem.
      I have installed your Custom ROM on the ZUK Z2. Nearly everything is working fine except the alarms.
      The alarm clock does not work.
      It gives off no alarms.
      I installed already the "Google Uhr" and also the "Timely Wecker" from the PlayStore, but again no alarm works.
      What could that be?
      I hope you can help me.

      Kind regards
    7. Sheephunter
      Hello Francko76,

      i just bricked my phone, but i got TWRP on it and i found out the easiest way to recover from this brick. If you have TWRP on your phone just boot into bootloader and go to advanced options and start the Terminal
      if your inside the shell just type
      reboot edl
      and hit return
      The phone will autotmatically enter the edl and your able to flash any Stock Rom

    8. Owen Chin
      Owen Chin
      i installed the lineageOS 14.1 on my z2 plus .. setup wizrd force close ... then i go into the fastboot and i found something call reboot to ffbm .. i was curious so i enter into the ffbm .. then when iboot it u p it stuck at zuk logo what should i do ..i just brought the device tho (english is not my firt language)
    9. EdwinT
      Last year, I bought a zuk z2 pro (6Ram-128Gb), the phone came with the ZUI Version 2.0.049 DEV. Now I want to install a more current version, I would like to please tell me what method I should use to install a ROM, and have no problems, thanks.
    10. giac1963
      ho installato la tua ROM su ZUK Z2 e funziona praticamente tutto , ti vorrei chiedere se è possibile ricevere gli aggiornmenti OTA e se si come posso fare ?
    11. Mostafa Ghobashi
      Mostafa Ghobashi
      How i can setup the software of ZUK Z2 ?
    12. giussarg
      2) ho visto che è uscito l'aggiornamento con android 7.1 (mi pare rom ufficiale versione 2.5.381 giusto?) che da quanto ho capito ha solo cinese e inglese. Hai in programma di fare una versione pulita multilingua anche di questa?

      Grazie della tua risposta e scusami se le domande non dovessero essere molto sensate. Sto cercando di raccapezzarmi....

      ciao Giuseppe
    13. giussarg
      Franco, se ho capito sei italiano e ci capisci assai nello z2 pro, quindi ti chiedo un paio di cose veloci giusto per schiarirmi le idee.
      1) la ROM multilingua che ho trovato nel telefono (2.3.044 ST) è quella che hai fatto te? cioè i vari gearbest ecc.. usano la tua rom?!? oppure sono 2 cose diverse?
    14. webg3
      Please, add Portuguese in your release (ZUK Z2 Nougat 7.0 2.5.334).
    15. Fab_o17
      Hi, do you know if there is a custom ROM where the slow camera works? Thank you
    16. Italo
      Hi Francko i recently installed your rom (Zui 2.5.334 january 2017) in my device (Zuk Z2131) and everything is working fine, except the gps, is there some fix for it?
      btw thanks for the great rom, it's just the gps wich s not working
    17. Altan Duncan
      Altan Duncan
      Hi Franco,

      I need global search apk working with google? Any chance to post it?
    18. weimerd
      Hi Franko, is it possible for you to somehow change forum settings so we dont get that massive spam? It is nearly unreadable now because of all that spam threads. Please it would be really great. I also sent that request to Mark as well but I dont know if he is online that much at the moment.

      Best regards
    19. Alex80
      Buona sera Francko, ho un problema ho per sbaglio ribloccato il bootloader del mio zuk z2 dopo aver messo la twrp e la gizrom e adesso il telefono è inutilizzabile come posso fare?
    20. tonchimax
      ¿Francko76 vas ha hacer la multilengua o global de nougat android 7 ?
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