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    [OTA] Zui 3.1.217 EDGE

    Change 3.1.218 to 3.5.218 .
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    Looking for zuk edge with bootloader "locked" !!!!

    Looking for full stock zuk edge with lock bootloader , not "relocked". Need for backup boot part . That can solve problem with install ota on relocked phones .
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    Miui 8 not port . Thx to chinees friends ) Will post video with fingerprint problem solve soon. Video Lock "button mapper".
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    [ROM] MIUI 8 not port Nice one . Thx to
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    Mokee 7.1 (not port) Txh to Antutu 131k U-touch: Long touch - key 183 Go to /system/usr/keylaut Edit fpc1020 and goodix Change key 183 to home virtual .
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    Lineage OS zuk z2 port

    Lineage OS zuk z2 port
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    Any one got aprooved accaunt Can any one post link to baidu cloud ?
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    Flyme betta/st

    Flyme betta Flyme st + gapps
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    Miui betta

    Miui betta from china
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    First CM13 rom . Already with gapps . Cm 13 from Chine.
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    Zuk edge multilang from grossoshop

    Grossoshop custom firmware!4Zt01YLR!FN1JMteuKaIuTVgGAC6lgBwKpvVoCG751H08k2Cup5I Use twrp. 2.3.079 based .