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    massaging problem

    hi i have massaging problem whan i want to send massage its say "cant send massege your massage has no valid recipients" what i can do?
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    Ringing problem

    hi i have Ringing problem whan somone call me that i dont have his number so the phone is on quiet and dont Ringing only if its somone that i have on the phone he is Ringing
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    best rom for camera

    hi what is the best rom for camera?
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    ROM Official Flyme6 ROM by LR.Team/Deelie

    Source: Download:
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    ROM Flyme6 ROM by Siyang

    i ask for whattsap notifications
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    ROM Flyme6 ROM by Siyang new version by SiyanG mirror:!iM8yHQKK!B2YWSNRDMQ2lx_kadZQ6_ZbNMjL3zDlGW9oWaycquQg thanks to Lubikem
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    ROM GizROM

    ZUK Z2 Pro GizROM 1.0 Nougat multilanguage
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    zuk z2 pro camera

    hi i have lineage 13.0 and i want stock app camera how i can put it into my rom?
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    ROM lineage 13.0

    the big update with 07.17 security patch (with builtin root) changelog ASB July 2017, version string to 2017-07-01 (android_build) linker: remove link from external library on unload (android_bionic) Fix...
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    ROM mokee 6.01 By SiyanG
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    ROM Mokee 7.1.1 Unofficial!TAM3mApK!gvtopiPvDHksBHukRQ_AgI3-aQv7XPJ6xswHepSPWEE new Unofficial mokee 7.1.1 thanks to: RusN
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    ROM Miui 8 Z2 Pro by SiyanG.

    version 11/3:!2AFxHa6Q!Uq9Yn476fHSC-CJGyA9MzO7lodTzKVroj-xJWeebrEY new version 20/4:!PB1jTCgJ!HBuu-yiTAhgyj0ngZQ6iydwMMFGk_xUdaT6MAoJynMs thanks to Lubikem
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    Miui 8 Z2 pro by SiyanG.

    can somone download it and put it on the site so every one can be used it?
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    zuk z2 pro good price to buy here new zuk z2 pro for 264$
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    ROM LineageOS / Resurrection Remix

    this is a TEST ROM