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    ZUK Edge is not charging

    So I changed the battery (pain in the ass) and was able to start the phone as the batter was 30% full. Now I plugged the phone in and it starts charging for a few seconds and then it stops. The battery juice ended and now the phone is dead again. What shall I do to make it charge? I have tried...
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    ZUK Edge is not charging

    I live in Sweden. Is it easy to replace the battery?
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    ZUK Edge is not charging

    No, nothing happens
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    ZUK Edge is not charging

    My phone after the latest update is not charging, I do not see the LED on when I connect. When I start it and the phone vibrates, it shows battery 0% and it does not change. I tried three different chargers with different cables and they all work on other phones but on my ZUK Edge What shall...
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    4.0.282 st

    I got the OTA and the phone has all of a suffen started behaving in a much better way. I really like the update. Now my Edge is used as a second phone these days so sometimes the battery runs out. Now with no battery when I connect it to a charger I can't seem to get it started. When I press...
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    Zuk Edge

    Hello I am new to this and it is getting me confused. I have bought this amazing phone from Aliexpress and it came with 2.3.079 but I do not see any OTA or update options. I like the fact that it does not have any bloatware or China specific apps, simply amazing and I would like to keep it...