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    Z2 pro Blacksceen nach Batterie Ladestand „stuck“, Hilfe!

    Hallo liebe zuk Community, Ich habe bei meinen Z2 Pro gemerkt, dass der Ladeanzeige bei 65% hängenbliebt, als ich das bemerkte, habe ich in der Ampere Batterie App nachgesehen und alle Werte waren falsch eingelesen. Die Temperatur war bei -20°C lul und die Spannung bei 0,02V. Ich versuchte es...
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    ROM [8.1.0][OFFICIAL] Resurrection Remix O v.6.2.1 [F2FS][10/06] [discontinued]

    Ok I solved it it was a problem with the baseband / modem. Why this affects the encryption I do not know. But when I installed the previous baseband / modem version, it restarts and accepts the password. But only in the OS, in TWRP it stops because it takes too long. thx @bruneba
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    ROM [8.1.0][OFFICIAL] Resurrection Remix O v.6.2.1 [F2FS][10/06] [discontinued]

    No, I mean the encryption password that is entered at startup. Although I have made a backup of all but the internal memory, but now can not start my Android because it always asks for the password, which I know. I just want to backup my encrypted internal sd. The error has already occurred...
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    ROM [8.1.0][OFFICIAL] Resurrection Remix O v.6.2.1 [F2FS][10/06] [discontinued]

    RR crypto error Hello I need the first release of Oreo RR from 03/15, because it is no longer offered to download. After updating to the new version, my password will no longer be recognized and fails to decrypt on boot and TWRP. I had this problem once when I switched from LOS to RR and...