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  • Hi , i sew and use Auto Rotation fix Zuk z2 Pro that u give , thank you so much.
    from that day i root my zuk and install costume rom my vibration is dead , i change back to stock rom , it not working any more , can u help please ? :(
    Hi Bud thanks so much flashed to Indian fine had updated works better but not to 2.5 any ideas
    Help me please:
    Today, I left my Shop rom and went to RR v5.8.1 through TWRP ... After already being with RR, I restored the factory settings of the same RR because I had configured with the wrong google account.
    When the cell reset, it did not come back, every time it falls on the TWRP screen. I reinstalled the shop through TWRP, but the problem continues.

    What do I do?
    Hey man, I read you have chromecast. Can you use Google Photos, etc and screen mirror your zuk to your TV?
    I have a Z2 and it only works good with Youtube and Netflix, whenever I try to mirror my screen, or use google photos with my chromecast, it immediately says "Casting screen to Chromecast has ended"

    How did you manage to get it worked? Is it your rom? I'm using Indian 2.0.133 ST
    Hello zuktastic, i order my ZUK z2 from gearbeast and it has an international ROM, is it possible to flash TWRP and root, but dont change the bootloader?? Have you an turtorial for me?
    I saw you came from Belgium, iam from Hückelhoven it is 35minutes from Aachen, where are you from.
    Maybe it is possible i came to you to flash the phone, when it is not to far from Hückelhoven??
    You cannot flash twrp or root without unlocking your bootloader. That means you will lose warranty also format all internal, so I cannot do it for you, you need to do it yourself i don't want to be responsible. It is very easy just follow some steps.
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