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    Re-install Google Play services

    Thanks..yes that worked :) thanks alot
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    Re-install Google Play services

    Hello, yesterday my daughter was messing with my phone and had deleted the google play services. Is there a way to reinstall it since it is saying the it is not supported by this device. Thanks for your help. I have the OTA ROM 4.0.247ST
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    Type C to HDMI projection

    Thanks. My device is a ZUK it compatible? thats why I posted in this forum?
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    Type C to HDMI projection

    I would like to connect my ZUK Z2 pro to a projector in order to present a powerpoint. I had bought an ANKER type C to hdmi adaptor but did not work. Seems it is not supported. Is there a way how to connect the smartphone to a projector (HDMI or VGA) ? (The projector does not support casting) (I...
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    System update

    Hi, first of all its been a very VERY long time since I visited last this forum (sorry to admit it) but I decided to check if there was any late system update since whenever I refresh my OTA update it says no updates available...and it had been like that for months (almost a year now)....from...
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    Auto correct when texting

    This might be a simple question, but I coudnt find the setting to remove auto correct while texting messages (sms). Can someone pls give me directions how to remove it, cos usually i text in my native language (ie Matese). Tnx in advance
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    FakeRom / ShopRom / VendorRom

    Today I received my z2 pro from banggood (after 8 days in transit...quite fast from china to malta) however when I try to insert settings (for data roaming) or even trying to type a message, find or insert a contact or whenever I want to type something no keyboard is prompted!!! Does it have to...
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    Which ROM to install?

    sorry for being a troll, and maybe a dumb one as well (unless all trolls are all dumb ) but I am getting a bit confused in this community.... first of all I can only see 3 sticky threads regarding the zuk z2 pro, and then more than 25 pages of threads...maybe I could use the search engine, but...