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    Lenovo zuk z2 pro dead

    Hello, I have been using my lenovo zuk z2 pro for about 1,5 years. Yesterday my phone discharged and now it doesn't turn on. It shows charging battery sign and vibrates and this goes in a loop. When I try to hold power button to turn it on it shows zuk logo (not animated one), vibrates and...
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    Can I use Sd flash method to update zui from international ROM to stock ROM?

    Hello, I want to update my phone to a stock ROM. Can I use Sd flash method? Right now my phone is running international zui ROM. Sent from my ZUK Z2121 using Tapatalk
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    Where is update button on zuk z2 pro?

    Hello, I have bought zuk z2 pro. I'm searching for update button, but I can't find it. Can somebody help? Sent from my ZUK Z2121 using Tapatalk