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    ZUI 2 to ZUI 4

    I'm on ZUI 2.0.133ST Indian ROM. Can I use QPST and install ZUI 4.0? If so, can someone be a little specific and help?
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    Oreo to Marshmallow downgrade

    I am running Marshmallow ZUI 2.0.133ST Indian. It's running perfectly fine with no issues. Should I make the jump to Chinese 3.5.x, I was wondering if if it is possible to downgrade from zui 3.5 Chinese back down to 1.9x Indian rom, by QPST flashing, without causing issues with firmware or...
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    Zuk Z2 to Receive ZUI 4.0 in July

    During a conference earlier today, ZUI 4.0 was announced to be released for a plethora of devices, including the Lenovo S5, Z2 Edge, Pro and our own Z2 Plus. The expected roll out date is somewhere in July. I'll add sources and images when I have the time but a quick Google search will confirm...
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    How to QPST...

    So I'm running indian 2.0.193 ST ZUI. Now if I wanted to use the Chinese ZUI because it now has Oreo (see other thread/ xda etc etc, what QPST version of ZUI do I flash? Bear in mind, I've never had nougat or oreo roms on my phone before.
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    Android Oreo confirmed for Chinese ZUI!

    So lately I've been e-mailing Initially I asked about indian zui and they told me it won't receive any updates (tbh, I'm not sure I believe them, I reckon after the chinese zui update they'll eventually update the indian zui as well). So then I asked about the Chinese zui, to...
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    ZUK dead but ZUI updates possibility

    Even though ZUK has been shut down, I believe the developers on ZUI are being kept on as Lenovo wants to use ZUI for their eastern audiences. I've also heard that ZUI will take a more stock androdi approach (rumours on XDA). What do you think of us getting Android O ZUI (leaning towards a...
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    New ZUK Z2 keeps switching off by itself

    So my friend bought a Z2 recently and hasn't removed the shop ROM as of yet since okay store etc is working. However, he gets this issue where the phone switches off randomly and the notification light switches on (solid light) Has anyone else had this issue before and can it be fixed?
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    Google's Dialer App on Z2

    So on a relative's Samsung S8 I was able to use the following link: to install Google's Dialer App. He was able to use this dialer perfectly fine. However, on my Z2, as soon as I make a call, my default dialer...
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    Zuk Z1 receives official LOS 14.1 support... Zuk Z2 next?

    Does the fact that the Z1 just received official support (source: mean the Z2 is now more likely to receive it as well? Was there a lot of push/rumour for the Z1 to get it? Is the Z2 similar in this regard or is it less popular?
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    Left display on + phone charging overnight

    As title says. When I woke up I got worried and thought phone would be super hot. Thankfully it wasn't. However, at some point in the day phone got a little hot and in general the battery is draining really fast :( Has this ever happened to anyone, and do you think a full discharge and charge...
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    Chromecast - Zuk Z2 disconnects immediately

    I have recently bought a chromecast for my projector. I am trying to cast my screen (mirror video/audio option on the Google Home App) but I immediately connect and disconnect. At no point does it cast. I have a HTC One M7 running CM13 which can cast (albeit at rather poor quality). I have a...
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    MiFlash + Indian ROM [Noob Success Story]

    This thread shows just how easy it is to get rid of the shop ROM provided by gearbest etc and install the official ROM. This should helpfully placate worried new owners of zuk z2 plus'. Seriously, it's well easy. Here are some things I would have liked to have been told immediately when I first...