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    Zusaetzlicher User der nur telephonieren darf

    Hi gibt es eine Moeglichkeit unter Android einen zusaetzlichen User zu konfigurieren der nur telefonieren kann? Soweit ich das bisher sehe kann ein zusaetzlicher User unter Android alles (ausser auf meine Daten zugreifen) Ich nutze AospExtended 5.8 Gruss Bernd
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    BUY ZUK Z2 Pro

    Hi I'm looking for a used ZUK Z2 Pro as backup / test phone. Can be either the 4 GB or 6 GB version in white or black. Installed ROM does not matter but the ZUK Z2 Pro MUST be unlocked so that I can install any ROM I like. regards Bernd PS: Or does someone know a china shop where I can buy...
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    ZUK Z2 Pro / AospExtended ROM V5.1 / neues Baseband

    Hi aus [ROM][8.1.0][BETA][OFFICIAL] AospExtended ROM V5.1 [Z2 PRO] "From 30/12/2017 next release will require updated baseband Old baseband will cause kernel panic when connect to wifi Safe mode to...
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    Black and white mode for the display

    Hi In some tests for the Vernee Mars Pro I ( read that this phone has a black-and-white mode (primary for reading ebooks) that would use less battery power then the standard mode with colors. The Mars Pro has a 5,5 Zoll FullHD-Display (no AMOLED). Is that...
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    SnoopSnitch on ZUC Z2 Pro with AOSPExtended

    Hi does anybody got SnoopSnitch running on the ZUC Z2 Pro with AOSPExtented? regards Bernd
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    Backup AOS Extended

    Hi which partitions must I backup with TWRP to be able to restore AOS Extented and all my data and configs on an empty phone (e.g. after everything is wiped)? regards Bernd
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    URLs in Posts teilweise fehlerhaft

    Hi (Note: Die Links hier habe ich etwas verfremdet da ich noch keine Links posten darf) ich habe ein Problem mit vielen der Links in den Messages (und ich vermute mal, das liegt nicht an meinen Firefox Browser ..) Beispiel...
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    u-touch overview anywhere?

    Hi it there a documentation about u-touch for the ZUK Z2 Pro anywhere ? e.g - Short overview about what exactly u-touch is - Default u-touch configuration in the various Custom ROMs for the ZUK Z2 Pro - how to change the config for u-touch Searching for u-touch in the forum or in google...