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    Dead phone after batter replacement!

    Thanks! Is it possibile that i got a fake battery? Because I cant even get the red light while charging with the new battery.
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    Z2 pro morto dopo cambio batteria!

    Buonasera a tutti! Ragazzi ho avuto un problema dopo il cambio batteria del mio z2 pro. In pratica non si accende più, schermo nero, nessun led, nessuna vibrazione. Non capisco cosa possa essere successo, sembrava fosse andato tutto liscio come l'olio. Non era di certo il primo telefono che...
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    Dead phone after batter replacement!

    Hi! This is Valerio from Italy. I'm experiencing a very annoying issue. I've been replacing my Z2 PRO battery, because of its short life charge. When I troed to boot up my phone didn't start, led lights noto working, no vibrations. I was pretty sure of what I was doing so I didn't backup any...