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    Treble GSI

    install chrome translete website
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    Treble GSI

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    Treble GSI

    treble gsi
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    Treble GSI

    Resurrection Remix fingerprint work -vendor fail google secure boot need clear persist and install qpst again
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    Treble GSI

    russian develop here
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    Treble GSI

    1, install factory2vendorzip ( factory image name change vendor image) 2,rebootand recovery 3,install Resurrection Remix zip 4,install treble img HavocOs img (twrp zip change img ) (waitt 5 sec download started) 5,reboot phone and starting again recovery mode ( Gaaps required phone open and...
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    Treble GSI

    first install Resurrection Remix zip files next any treble
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    Treble GSI

    first install twrp and install partition reboot and install img TWRP partition Resurrection Remix and test any treble img LineageOS 16 android 9 install zip
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    ZUK EDGE Flyme

    new link required jdownloader
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    link required j downloader
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    Miui beta Art_Chen_Public (TWRP)

    multilang miui 9 pro 7.1.2 link
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    Mokee MK71.2-z2_x-201801212301-UNOFFICIAL 7.1 multilanguage

    link gaaps micro
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    Mokee 7.1 (not port)

    gaaps 7.1 micro link face unlock working (menu/ settings/smartlock enabled/face unlock enabled)
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    zuk edge rom box

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    Mokee 7.1.2 unofficial rom screen rotate and camera problem

    sensörler çalışmıyor sizin saçma sapan bi bug yada herneyse orjinal qfil rom yükleyin düzelir s
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    link 3.5.389 to 4.0.199 OTA