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    Notification fix for zui ( root needed)

    This method is tested only on 4.0.247, probably works on previous zuis but not sure. First of all this guide was written first and tested by @nick234242 I just get everything to one post to easier job. Lets start: 1. Root your little zui / actually i prefer magisk cuz hide function but...
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    ZUI 4.0.233 / 247 ST

    Here is the link to download it. 233 You can flash it via twrp. Its a full zip / 1.79gb / so u can flash it anytime, u dont have to be on 3.5.388. Ota update zip from 247 ota zip from Changelog: Upgrade point This is a late version, ZUI 4.0, thank you for your patience...
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    zui battery draining like hell

    If somebody still use zui oreo version and facing battery draining issue, please make a full cycle of your battery and post your battery stats here with a photo of wakelocks from BetterBatteryStats app. Thanks for helping.
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    Zui 4.0.191 / 212 / 220 / 228 / 233 DEV UPDATED

    Rip english in this thread. Actually Zui 4.0.191 still on android 8.0. After some report battery seems to be better than 3.5.388. Install guide: I used twrp 3.2.1 chinese version. Download the full zip Clean system, dalvick, data, cache with twrp Flash full zip with twrp Link to download...
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    Multicolor LED notifications on latest OREO

    Actually i saw somewhere here on the forum a thread where it was written but i cant found it alltime, and i think it is usefull for users. What u need for this operation: -Rooted Z2 Pro -Light Flow -and your apps First of all you have to get Light Flow /later naming as LF/, u can try the...