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  1. WaTCHMaN

    ZUİ 3.5.204 TWRP

    firtly install any zui 3.1 and wipe cache and sytem later install this rom . have fun....
  2. WaTCHMaN

    Please Help About Updater-Script

    anyone can help me about create updater-script for my rom just look to pictures u will see ... thanks
  3. WaTCHMaN

    Need to file_contexts for Stock Rom 194

    Hi guys, İ need to file_contexts file for modify stock rom . if anyone have to then please help me . thanks
  4. WaTCHMaN

    Z2 Pro Android 8 ZUİ any one checked this rom ?
  5. WaTCHMaN

    MİUİ 9 7.12.28

    Hi guys , İm edited Miui 9 7.12.28 and i made a multilanguage version. İt is working perfectly for me. i didnt see any bug . Just select English language at first opening . Later u can select ur language from settings. U cant find this rom anywere . dont forget to thanks ;) have fun download...
  6. WaTCHMaN

    How can i find back battery cover for Zuk Z2 Pro ?

    Hi guys . İ need to white color back battery cover for Zuk Z2 Pro but i didnt find at anywhere . Why out of stock at everywhere and Why they arent producing new spare parts?
  7. WaTCHMaN

    Flyme by Siyang

    Download Link!Z25QRJ5J!-vIbNagowU2-XNF4o1Y4YKeAMXvrw7PZ9cFVww7UcH4
  8. WaTCHMaN

    Which files about MODEM at TWRP Backup

    i have a twrp backup from Flyme rom but there are many files . i want to learn which one about modem ? i just want backup modem files ...thanks...