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  1. Cloud-Y

    Dual Boot Patcher for ZUK Z2 by Fedor917

    SOURCE Hi, this is the Dual Boot Patcher for ZUK Z2, it's unofficial. Nobody else, like me or the dev assume any responsability for your use of this thread and the patcher. Do it on your own risk. Thanks to cryscript for his work on the Dual Boot Patcher. DESCRIPTION IN ENGLISH DIRECTLY COPIED...
  2. Cloud-Y

    Device tree ZUK Z2?

    Does someone have the device vendor tree? I can't find it in the source.!BQ5UBbqS!RNs0f7kx06rhXBoM7EKAokHHVoj7eKf4UMT18Lh_EgU ^it's the source code of 1.9 zui