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    Battery problem?

    i bought already but after a few charges they die, is that a hardware problem?phone was working perfectly before on stock zui 3.5
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    The battery performance is like the stock no improvements or more lasting hours
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    Need help Hard brick ZukPro2

    My friend i had similar issues with you i bought an edl cable from aliexpress and the very first time i used it it worked like a charm, i was trying for 3 weeks with all combinations and tries with no result, this will solve your hands
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    of course i will inform the forum if the capacity is real and how it performs, u bought it one week ago so diamantius you might test it first
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    Mate i had some serious issues while buying batteries for our beloved zuk, i bought from three different sellers in aliexpress and all where mulfunctioning, luckily i got all my money back, now i bought from another seller who provides with one year warranty and plus it is 500 mah bigger in...
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    Zuk Z2 Pro hard bricked

    Hello mates, i was on 3.5.241 dev rom, but i had some issues and i desided to flash zui 1.9 stock rom and start all over again. In the middle of flashing the rom, the phone was not detected and the flashing stopped, since then i can't boot no zuk logo no recovery or fastboot, also my battery was...