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  1. Dim Kumb

    Πωλείται ZUK Z2 PRO 4/64

    220 έκανε καινούργιο. Καλή τύχη.
  2. Dim Kumb


    There is no ST version yet.
  3. Dim Kumb


    WARNING! THIS FILE CAN BRICK YOUR PHONE IF YOU FLASHIT WITH THE WRONG WAY! This is the OFFICIAL STABLE version of ZUI Android 8.0 Oreo for Zuk Z2 Plus. XDA threads for more informations:
  4. Dim Kumb

    ROM Zui 2.5.412 Modified

    Original link: Official source: Th thread is google translated... ★ ROM introduction ZUI is Lenovo ZUK Android based on the development of ZUK mobile phone exclusive custom...
  5. Dim Kumb

    Best Tool to unlock bootloader and flash twrp

    Yes you can try it but last time i DID i had a STATE 9008 ERROR if you know about that!
  6. Dim Kumb

    [REQ]H2O OS V3

    Original thread Pls if someone can download and upload to a megashare account so we can test it.
  7. Dim Kumb

    [APP]3rd Party Camera For Zuk Z2

    Hello friends i was testing 3rd party camera for my ZUK Z2 and this is what i found. OnePlus Camera HTC Camera 2 NetBit Camera 1.8.0 Lenovo Super Camera (Flashable Zip) || Simple APK file SnapDragon Camera V3 (Flashable Zip) MotoCamera V6.0.43.10 Google Camera 3.2 EMUI 4...
  8. Dim Kumb

    Zuk Z1 receives official LOS 14.1 support... Zuk Z2 next?

    Zuk Z2 is top selling phone right now so if you wait a bit we will have tons of developments for our device.
  9. Dim Kumb

    Which TWRP should I use?

    Here you are mate. Enjoy! If those 2 doesnt work try Chinese version 3.0.2
  10. Dim Kumb

    How to Fix: Windows 10 Doesn't Recognize Android Phone after Update

    Works on ZUK Z2!
  11. Dim Kumb

    MOD [THEMES]ZUI 1.9+ Themes

    ZUI 1.9+ Themes Hello guys i would like to share with you some themes from Download the file. Install apk. Go Settings / Themes / Choose Theme / Apply. Reboot the device. Enjoy untill the next one :p DarkNight Easy MIUI8 Biobienshan FlyMe FlyMe 1.3 FlyMeOS...
  12. Dim Kumb

    ZUI 2.5 Ερωτήσεις και Απορίες.

    Γεια χαρά από μένα. Εδω γράφουμε της απορίες μας σχετικά με το ZUI 2.5 (Android 7.0)