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    Sound issue

    Hello everybody I have a problem with the sounds on my ZukZ2pro , in the last days every time I try to watch a video or listen to a song or even when phone rings the sound starts at top volume just for a moment then drops down immediately and no way to raise it. This is even with max volume. I'm...
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    Sound going down with no reason

    In the last days when my ZukZ2pro rings or I try to watch a video or play a song etc. the sound starts loud for a moment then goes very low even if the volume is on max. Anybody has an idea of what can it be? I'm running zui 3.1.194 Thank you guys
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    [Discussion] Z2 Pro ZUI 3.1.194 qpst / Qfil version

    after many tries I did it! thanks everybody!
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    can't sign up to Lenovo account

    hello everybody, i can't sign up to Lenovo Account, that is required for uhealth and other apps, how can i do without having a chinese phone number? i don't find any post on this thank you
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    zuk z2 pro rom 3.1.194 sahara fail