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    Lenovo Z5 Pro slider phone officially revealed ahead of October launch

    This one supports band 20 , however the battery is very small.Only 3350mah
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    ZUI 4.0.233 / 247 ST

    Very interesting. For the people who installed it how is the battery life. Of course it's very soon now but I run miui 10 and the battery life is very good so I want to know if it worth trying zui 4
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    No internet connection while traveling

    [edit]Vodafone (1) APN settings username: (blank) password: (blank) APN name: [edit]Vodafone (2) APN settings username: (blank) password: (blank) APN name: [edit]Vodafone (3 - Data Only) APN settings username: user password: pass APN name: internet...
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    Replace Broken Screen

    Hello my phone fell down and the screen cracked.I want to ask if i can change only the screen glass(found on aliexpress very cheap ) or the screen is attached to the digitizer?
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    Lenovo Z5 - release, specs, details

    Nice phone but useless for me
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    Lenovo Z5 - release, specs, details

    If it hasn't b20 this is deal breaker
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    FullOTA 3.1.218st to 3.5.388

    It seems that the screen is less bright which means better battery life. I think performance is better and finally fingerprint scanner is quicker and there's no vibration when you use.
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    FullOTA 3.1.218st to 3.5.388

    I updated successfully from 3.5.344 to 3.5.388 with TWRP using the zip from post 1
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    I received 3.5.388 OTA with unlocked bootloader

    I had 3.5.344 with unlocked bootloader and received OTA 3.5.388 (after reboot) which of course couldn't install with TWRP I was ready to flash RR but this made me to wait a full zip of 3..5.388 to install with TWRP when someone shares it
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    OTA from 3.5.259 to 3.5.300

    Using transocks(Chinese VPN) I had official update to 3.5.300 with system update. TRY NOW!!!
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    Zui 8.0 Oreo Dev Rom friendly guide *google app fix*

    Thank you, everything is ok now This time it asked me for root permissions and i gave them.Before no
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    Zui 8.0 Oreo Dev Rom friendly guide *google app fix*

    Hello @bruneba. I flashed 3.5 successfully as your video. Now stuck at checking for updates at initial setup before checking my google account
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    Zui 8.0 Oreo Dev Rom friendly guide *google app fix*

    It was probably because i used another twrp
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    Zui 8.0 Oreo Dev Rom friendly guide *google app fix*

    i saw your video again.Maybe i'm wrong
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    Zui 8.0 Oreo Dev Rom friendly guide *google app fix*

    Yes I have seen it but after you type 'yes' what do you do after?
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    Change the look of zui

    Since zui has theme engine I wonder if there is a specific theme to give more stockish look to zui? Also I hate the way zui shows notifications. Is there any way to cancel the system notifications and use a 3rd party app? Or at least fix the double notifications for some apps Maybe with root or...
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    Working ok google hotphrase from any screen

    I havemade the Google application a system application and then OK Google hotword detection works fine(without having to turn voice input to Google enhanced after every reboot), but only from the home screen. Is there anything I can do to make it work from any screen? As you see in the...
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    zuk 2 update without rooting

    It's a modified version installed by the shop. You don't have to replace it necessarilly
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    Substratum With Zui

    Hello, can I use substratum with Zui ?
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    Ok Google Hotword Detection Stopped Working

    I cleared data from google app and now ok google awakes the phone but no from any screen