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  1. varotone

    [RECOVERY] Official TWRP 3.1.0 for Zuk Z2/ Lenovo Z2 Plus

    Disclaimer /** * What you do with your device is your choice. * None of the developers of this software will be held accountable for any damages to your device or to third parties. * You should know this by now. **/ What's this? This is TeamWin Recovery Project for our ZUK Z2 / Lenovo Z2...
  2. varotone

    "You have reached your limit one links per post"

    Hi, I'm a developer and I post ROMs in this forum. I have a thread in which the first post has several links, and now I can't edit it, because when I click "save" I get the error message in the title of this thread. Which is stupid. The thread already has many more than one link. And they are...
  3. varotone

    ROM [DISCONTINUED] [7.1.x] Unofficial LineageOS 14.1 (20171120)

    Disclaimer /** * You flash this ROM at your own risk and responsibility. * This ROM is provided without ANY WARRANTY WHATSOEVER, not even the warranty that it works. * None of the developers of this ROM will be held accountable for any damages, complaints or thermonuclear war. **/...