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    Opinie na temat używanych ROMów. [ZUK Z2]

    Witajcie, prosiłbym Was abyście tu zamieszczali informacje na temat tego jakich romów używaliście oraz jakiego aktualnie używacie. Wypisujcie dokładną wersję danego romu (lub daty jego release) oraz informacje na temat jego plusów i minusów (np. bugi). Na pewno mała baza takich informacji...
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    How to backup whole rom zui.

    Hello, I have official rom, newest zui, no root, no custom twrp. How can I backup my whole rom with apps like in twrp? Sent from my ZUK Z2131 using Tapatalk
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    WiFi connect problem [WPA-PSK-CCMP][WPS][ESS]

    Hello, I have problem with my router which is password protected by [WPA-PSK-CCMP][WPS][ESS] (info form wifi manager app from play store). I can't connect using the password to the network because always says "incorrect password" only way to connect is a WPS button. In second wifi network with...
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    Zuk Z2 Pro battery life.

    Hello, Could anyone tell me something about battery in this model? I think to buy Z2 Pro or Z2 but i need to know more about battery. What Screen on Time You can reach? My actual phone usage is: -16hours of connection to internet (~12h wifi, ~4h mobile data) - mainly web browsing and max 1h of...