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    Fixing the ZUI based on Android Marshmallow with apps. My Experience.

    I'll be updating this thread as I would discover new ways to make ZUI better and really functional based on marshmallow as I'm using Indian ZUI 2.0.133 ST. So far I am using the following apps to make ZUI better. 1. Material Notification Shade. (Playstore, free, features unlocking by buying)...
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    Is there Official update for indian rom ?

    No. Indian ZUI is dead. Wait for the stable release, let modders mod it with gapps and then use.
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    Flashed CN ZUI 1.9 now stuck at Blue ZUK logo

    I was running AEX 5.1 on my z2. I wanted to fresh install ZUI so decided to flash CN ZUI 1.9 to lock the bootloader. I successfully flashed it using QFIL and phone started to boot. It boots to the animation dots and blue ZUK logo shows up. Then nothing happens. What have i done? bricked my z2...
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    Do the icons disappear when you pull down the notification bar? I have lost many important notifications because of that zui "feature"