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    I QPST flashed ZUI Z2131_CN_OPEN_USER_Q00030.1_O_ZUI_3.5.243_DEV_180129_qpst over AEX. However, I am not able to boot into ZUI, stuck with the light blue ZUK bootscreen. Any thoughts?
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    EDL Boot

    I would like to boot into EDL using ADB "adb reboot edl". Once the command is executed the phone shuts down but immediately reboots into Android. What's wrong?
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    Battery drain

    Hey there, I recently had some problems with the battery drain in flight mode as discussed here. I followed the suggestions and went back to the Chinese stock rom and tried DU as well as AEX afterwards (always latest build at the time and clean flash). At some point, I came to realize that the...
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    Replacement battery

    Has anyone purchased a Replacement battery for the Z2 and can report on the quality, especially in comparison to the original battery? I am not sure if the batteries listed on ebay, aliexpress etc. are original. Best
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    Batttery drain in flight mode

    I know I have reported this issue before, but I still have problems with the battery drain. The phone runs on DU 11.5, clean install. When I set the Z2 into airplane mode, the battery drain sometimes exceeds 2% per hour. I downloaded an app called "GSam Battery Monitor". The only fact which...
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    Hey guys, I kind of successfully replaced my screen (broken). The phone worked after I reassembled it, tested camera, microphone etc. I decided to flash a new ROM and proceeded as follows using TWRP: 1. Wipe Cache, Data, System and Davlik 2. Install ROM, Gapps and Magisk 3. Install baseband...
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    Broken screen

    Hey guys, I managed to drop my phone, unfortunately the screen broke. I don't know if it is only the glass or the LCD, apparently it is possible to replace them separately. Any way to figure out what I actually need to replace?