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    Continuous restarts

    I too have same problem, tried multiple ROM including 1.9 stock - strange is that if i connect usb cable Phone boot without issue & stays as normal
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    MIUI 9 | ( - NOUGAT | 7.1.2

    Use ES file explore to remove Systems apps Sent from my ZUK Z2131 using Tapatalk
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    Audio MOD on Zui 3

    I have tried all below Audio MOD's on Zui 3(QFIL ver) none is working :( - Any one had Success on installing * Viper4Andriod *ARISE Sound System *Quasar-AtmoX *BioHazard-SRC
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    [APP]3rd Party Camera For Zuk Z2

    Lenovo SnapIT & VSCO, found to be Best Camera for me. I am on AICP ROM