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    Has anyone succesfully installed Dolby Atmos OR Dolby Digital Plus sound mod?

    I already have Viper4Android and it is working perfectly, but I also want to install Dolby Atmos/Dolby Digital. I am currently on Oreo 8.1 using AEX5.8 rom and whenever I try to install one of these two dolby sound mods I get errors or the app just crashes when I try to open it. So my question...
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    Download Fail:FireHose Fail FHLoader Fail when trying to install stock rom via QFIL

    I cant flash stock rom because I am getting this error all the time, someone help? Here is the log file
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    Please help

    I actually just flashed AEX6.0 and it worked, but then I wanted to flash AEX5.2 and stay on that version because I remember that version had a very good battery life but it didnt want to flash(I guess because AEX5.2 isnt treble compatible, so I uninstalled vendor with( But it...
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    Please help

    I did fix it without actually needing to reverse back to stock rom, but thanks for that advice too..... You can close the thread
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    Please help

    Sorry for dumb question but what is edl and how do I boot into it? I booted into fastboot but QFIL still isnt recognizing device. And yes I installed drivers
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    Please help

    QFIL isn't detecting my device it just says "No port available"
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    Please help

    Can you give me more instructions please?
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    Please help

    Update: I fixed Failed to mount /firmware by installing latest baseband from, but I still get Failed to mount /system, any ideas how to fix that?
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    Please help

    I was experimenting something and because of my curiosity I flashed twrp-3.2.3-0.image to system and to firmware. And now whenever I try to install file in TWRP it says Failed to mount /system (invalid argument) and Failed to mount /firmware (invalid argument) and I don't know what to do, I am...
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    ROM [Official] AOSP extended AEX

    Should I stick to 5.5 then? Are there any bugs on 5.7 because I wasn't using that version for long
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    ROM [Official] AOSP extended AEX

    Same question, which is the most stable version? I tried 5.7 and then downgraded to 5.5 and 5.5 feels much smoother and faster. Am I missing something big if I' m not on the latest 5.8 version?
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    Tempered glass screen protector

    What's a good quality tempered glass for zuk z2 pro that fits the whole screen?
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    AOSP Extended 8.1 vs. Cosmic OS 8.1

    People who have tested both roms, which of these two has less bugs, has better battery life and is generally more stable and better than the other?
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    Best Nougat rom

    What is currently the best and most stable Nougat rom for Zuk Z2 Pro? I see a lot of RR and AEX recommendations here, which one should I choose? Or is there maybe a better rom than those two?