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  1. v1nc

    [TWRP]Z1 ZUI 2.3.045 ST

    I got zui 2.3.045 stock here for you. You can easy flash it via twrp. First boot can take some mins, so don't get nervous. After that, you can flash su zip if you want to root. Here's a screenshot: Download: Zui 2.3.045 (Google Drive mirror) Su zip If you need other mirror, just ask ;)
  2. v1nc

    ROM [ROOT][TWRP]Z1 ZUI 2.1.049 ST

    Hello: What I got for you is the newest zui 2.1.049 prerooted with english as default language. First of all, thanks to captainemo for repacking and publishing, here can you download: It's a flashable zip, so all you got to do is install twrp somehow(there are...
  3. v1nc

    Z1 ZUI 2.0 root

    For zuk z1 zui 2.1 rooted go here