1. lukesky333

    AospExtended 4.5 --> ??? - Welches ROM und was ist zu beachten?

    Hallo Leute, ich bin seit seeehr langer Zeit nicht dazu gekommen, dass ich mein Zuk2 Pro mal wieder auf den neuesten Stand bringe. Inzwischen ist es dringend nötig und ich brauche Euren Input. 1.) Welche ROMs sind derzeit angesagt und brauchbar? 2.) Lieber noch Oreo oder schon Pie? 3.) Was...
  2. T

    Battery life on latest AEX and RR

    Right now I'm on the latest RR and with my phone both latest AEX and RR seem to have not so good battery performance. With some Video, surfing and music I could get around 5 hours sot (with RR 13.04. it was around 6-7). Could it be that treble functionality uses more battery? Also I flashed...
  3. Pimi

    stuck at logo on boot

    hi, i just flashed boot.img on twrp recovery on recovery and boot and system and firmware. i khow i made a mistake. and then i flashed aex 5.4 and it comes with some error like : error unmounting firmware.... something like that. and i say that it installs but stuck at logo. you guys have any...
  4. J

    Z2 Pro - Perte signal 4G rom AEX

    Salut ! J'ai acheté mon ZUK Z2 PRO sur Bangood avec la fameuse rom du revendeur qui n'est pas maintenue à jour. Ce week-end j'ai décidé de prendre mon courage à 2 mains et de tenter de flasher vers la rom AEX dont je n'ai lu que du bien. Jusqu'ici tout va bien sauf pour 1 point : la 4G. En...
  5. A

    volte not working in any custom rom (Zuk Z2)

    So I unlocked bootloader and flashed a custom rom (AEX) for zuk z2. Everything worked fine except volte. I asked around and found out nobody was facing volte issue with the rom. I was in zui indian (android 7.0) before flashing rom, volte was working fine when I flashed rom. Ok I tried also...
  6. F

    Battery problem with AEX 4.6

    Hello guys, I have a ZUK Z2 PRO, and your battery is too bad. It's only getting a few hours, I think about 12 hours. And screen at most only 2 hours. Can anyone help me with this? or confirm if this is really it. Thanks in advance.
  7. W

    Bricked My Phone, Only LED, Black Screen

    Hey guys this morning I woke up to a bricked phone. I didn't remember what I did, maybe I screwed up something. I was running AEX 5.3 for quite a while now and it was working fine. This morning when I turned it on, all I could see was the LED lit up and the screen was blank. I forced it to...
  8. H

    Puls-, Sauerstoff- und UVsensoren Z2PRO AEX nutzen?

    Hi Leute, habe seit einiger Zeit AospExtended auf meinem Z2Pro laufen, bisher noch keine Probleme gehabt. Jedoch frag ich mich schon die ganze Zeit ob und wie ich bei AEX den Pulsmesser, den Sauerstoffsättigungsmesser und den UV -Sensor zum laufen bring. Bei der offiziellen Rom gehts ja einfach...
  9. crisps

    ROM [Official] AOSP extended AEX

    First of all thx to @davidevinavil for this great Rom. This is not the official Thread only discussion. Official thread here: