1. A

    volte not working in any custom rom (Zuk Z2)

    So I unlocked bootloader and flashed a custom rom (AEX) for zuk z2. Everything worked fine except volte. I asked around and found out nobody was facing volte issue with the rom. I was in zui indian (android 7.0) before flashing rom, volte was working fine when I flashed rom. Ok I tried also...
  2. K

    Aicp Hotspot Bug

    If you're a aicp 12.1 nightly user you'll receive a update of 20170901. DO NOT UPDATE there is hotspot bug and the changes are not noticeable.... In case you've already updated head to aicp official website and download and install 20170825 firmware Peace
  3. T

    Opinion about Rom and Kernel version

    So i have bought a zuk z2 from China and i was thinking to install AICP rom and Kernel version Darkmoon. Do you have any other recommendation to use different ROM or kernel version ?
  4. I

    MOD AICP 12.1 Official with Unofficial Aroma Installer

    This is just an experiment which I wanted to share, whilst not as well optimized as others,(text is simply tiny) it's my first try at it, So i'll be happy for help and suggestions. (If this goes well, I'll do more ports) I'm more than happy to receive feedback, and if someone can teach me(or at...
  5. faizauthar12

    ROM [PRE-OFFICIAL][7.1.2] AICP - 12.1 - Nougat for z2_plus [OMS][SDCLANG]

    . . . . AICP Android Ice Cold Project External link: AICP is known by everyone as Ice Cold Project that started on Desire HD and since then evolved into a mature ROM with the BEST community you can...
  6. R

    All 6.0.1 based ROMs crash upon starting

    Hey there. I have now tried to install three different Custom Roms, all based on Marhsmallow: AICP, Mokee 60.1 and MIUI 8. Unfortuantely, the same thing happens every time: Right when App optimization is complete, the phone freezes with the LED turning blue and the screen going black. When i...