android 8

  1. bruneba

    Do you want to update to Oreo? READ THIS FIRST!

    Ok so now we can update stock Zui to Android 8. But you must do some things first before updating to make sure everything will work properly. Many users claim that something isnt working fine, isnt syncing or are crashing so: PLEASE READ EVERYTHING, DONT BE LAZY... TRY AS DESCRIBED HERE BEFORE...
  2. bruneba

    Zui 3.5.231 Oreo 8.0 - Whatsapp & Gapps FIX

    Thanks to @theface that sent me baidu link so I could add it to another host. thanks a lot for sharing it :) Use TWRP 3.2 to install ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 3.5.231 DOWNLOAD: Google Drive...
  3. bruneba

    Zui 8.0 Oreo Dev Rom friendly guide *google app fix*

    I want to thanks @mar.ur , @tuncayeser and @Emmaus to help with this tutorial. now the rom is more stable than before. NEW VERSION 3.5.231 <---------------------------- please activate the caption. ------------------------------------------------------------------ JUST AFTER INSTALLING...