1. bruneba

    No way to set google as system app. Help!

    I tried using systemizer module for magisk and it doesnt keep google as system app after reboot. Using luckypatcher or any other app that do it automatically, just make google disappear after reboot. Doing it manually too... How could I make it as system app? Same for play store. I can set...
  2. J


    Hi everyone. Im having a big trouble with my zuk z2. When I unlock my phone using fingerprint, always open the Whatsapp. When I unlock using a pattern or a pin it doesnt happen. I dont put to open any app on the options in U-Touch. Can anyone help me? This is driving me crazy
  3. N

    REMOVE APP before installation

    Hello, I have idea. I want OTA update but i dont want useless apps. It's possible to remove chinese app before installation qpst ? Julien
  4. R

    Has anyone extracted the stock zuk z2 camera app?

    OK! So heres the deal. I have rooted my zuk z2 and flashed an RR rom, but the camera is SHAYT. I want to be able to flash the original stock camera app on this rom. Also dont forget that it had slow motion video recording. If any could be of help I would deeply appreciate it.
  5. bruneba


    I tried it and it is working fine (only english I guess) Here is the link
  6. faber_fortunae

    [REQ] ZUI stock apps - apk

    Hi ev'ryone. I look for ZUI stock apps (such as Gallery-Camera and Email priority*), but I can't find any apk with the search form. Could someone help me, extracting apk from a stock firmware? Thanks a lot. *because in GizROM Indian Gallery and Email stock there aren't and I appreciated the...