1. M

    google backup 3.5.388 ST

    Hey there I cannot backup to my gdrive... under settings > google > backup It states " waiting to backup" when I go to gdrive app > backups > it says: "Your device is not backed up " In Bakcup settings (blue url) "backup account" is greyish and saiys: "Backing up to debug-only private...
  2. I

    QCN, EFS backup file is needed

    Dear ZUK Edge users, Please share QCN, EFS backup files. I need to recover my modem and radio. Thanks a lot in advance.
  3. L

    Where is located the IMEI EFS folder?

    Hi, In the route sheet to unbrick the Zuk Zu2 Pro, I want to know where is the located the IMEI EFS folder, in order to backup it with Root Browser. Many thanks. Kind regards lanz
  4. B

    How to migrate to ZUK Z2 pro from older android

    Hi I used to be able to migrate from one samsung to another over NFC and this was returning me a phone almost identical apart from the media files I am talking about Apps and phone configs, wifi etc (no media files unless embedded in an app) As NFC is not part of the phone how do you sync...
  5. tolinho

    Were can I find Backup and Restore Option in ZUI

    Hi. In native android there is an option to backup app data to google account and then restore if needed. The option is found in Settings > under Personal Tab > Backup & Reset I can't seem to find this option in my Zuk Z2. I'm I just not finding it or does it not exist? I find references to...
  6. D

    Tips would be appreciated - TWRP, Offical ROMs, Backups

    Hi, I've been a long-time lurker of this forum (I received my Z2 at launch) and I've always used the official china ROM provided with the phone (updated through OTA whenever a new version is released). I'm currently using 2.3.042 ST. Generally I've been quite happy with this ROM but I'm curious...
  7. K

    How can i back up my z2 nonpro

    OK so i have a Z2 non pro which has international custom rom which the seller put on with no way to update. the version is zui 1.9.044st. NOT ROOTED Can ANYONE help me to backup my phone (not apps) and then i could flash. Thanks in Advance (No idea how to backup) Also i have tried to use helium...
  8. F

    How to recover deleted photos?

    Hi, I am new to ZUK and a previous iPhone users. My problem is that I got a few photos accidentally deleted my cousin. The photos are about my baby girl so it is very important for me. please advise how to get those photos back. thank u