1. I

    Bateria se descarga rapido

    hace poco que el zuk z2pro, comienza la batería a gastarse muy rápido y noto que el teléfono esta caliente. Cuando el telefono esta cargado al 100% la duración de la bateria, seria de 4 o 5 horas. Mi versión del zui, es el 3.5.338 con Android 8. Mirando la aplicación de la batería y las...
  2. T

    Battery life on latest AEX and RR

    Right now I'm on the latest RR and with my phone both latest AEX and RR seem to have not so good battery performance. With some Video, surfing and music I could get around 5 hours sot (with RR 13.04. it was around 6-7). Could it be that treble functionality uses more battery? Also I flashed...
  3. DarkWinterCloud

    Advice from a technician about buying replacement parts

    Theres a lot of parts on the market that seems to be good or even better than the original one but you have to keep in mind 3 things: 1- when buying parts on Aliexpress, Ebay, Amazon, etc, you need to first ask the seller the quality grade of the part, they can be: Original (almost impossible...
  4. ch3mn3y

    Looking for Battery Case

    Just like title says. Anyone seen a case with additional battery. Like a powerbank in case? Best if it's Flip Case (love them), but could even be a bumper. Found only this:
  5. C

    Someone Kind please help.

    I have Z1, I have it like almost 2 years. Since beginning there's problem with charging battery. I sent it to a service center and they said it fixes. But after 2 weeks the problem back again. It seems I only can charge my phone through laptop or PC (without the adapter). But then I realized...
  6. S

    My Z2 only charging with 1A charger

    one day i charged my Z2 with aftermarket charger and after that my phone cant charge with the original charger. It only charging with an old iphone charger which has 5V and 1A. Then i tried to charge with more than 1A chargers, its not charging. I read from several forums to remove the diode...
  7. F

    Battery problem with AEX 4.6

    Hello guys, I have a ZUK Z2 PRO, and your battery is too bad. It's only getting a few hours, I think about 12 hours. And screen at most only 2 hours. Can anyone help me with this? or confirm if this is really it. Thanks in advance.
  8. V

    High temperatures and weak battery

    Hello everyone after two days on a battery draining LineageOS (with nice features, tho), I switched to Discovery, but encountered other problems. First, the battery's still weak and second the temperatures rushed toward 60-65°C while playing on a not so heavy game, that was "What if..?". It was...
  9. T

    Zuk Z2 discharging way too fast

    Hello guys, I have a Z2 with unlocked bootloader and a custom rom (the lineageOS v6 from this forum IIRC). Everything worked fine except difficulties to boot after the battery went below 0% (but nothing that could not be releived by charging and waiting. Yesterday evening, my phone battery died...
  10. DD3Boh

    KERNEL DarkMoon Kernel Nougat [UBERTC] [3.18.48]

    Hello Guys, today I'm here with my new and I think the first real Custom Kernel for the Zuk z2/z2 plus. DarkMoon Features: CPU: Governors: zzmoove blu active chill elemental X impulse nebula interactive conservative ondemand userspace powersave bioshock performance Tuch Boost switch GPU...
  11. S

    [INFO] Z2 Quick Charge Speed Testing / Discussion

    TL;DR - Officially, NO Qualcomm "Quick Charge" of any version (QC1/QC2/QC3) on the Z2 Plus (non-Pro), but total charging time is close to actual QC2 phones. QC2.0/3.0 chargers will likely charge SLOWER than the factory charger. Zuk uses it's own custom fast charging solution, which is also seen...
  12. F

    Thinking of buying - question about battery life

    Hi all! Strongly thinking of picking up a ZUK Z2 (non-pro, 4gb version) because my LG G2 is on its last legs. Battery life is quite important to me, and I was looking at the Xiaomi Redmi 4 but it doesn't look too great aside from the battery unfortunately. How's everyones battery life (in...
  13. L

    ZUK Z2 Battery charging performance (QC.3.0)

    Dear All, What about the charging performance in your ZUK Z2's They are claiming 83% charge in 30 min But when I tested today with their stock charger its only 30% charge in 30 minutes (ie I charged from 21% ,It reached 51% and took 30 minutes exactly) Can somebody share the battery charging...
  14. N

    Stuck in Qualcomm HS-USB Diagnostics 900E: Remove battery?

    Hi everyone, unfortunately I bricked my Z2 Pro today. I can not start the EDL mode anymore, nor fastboot. The phone restarts itself when I hold the power button für ~10s, showing the ZUK Logo for 1/2 second. After this, the screen stays black and the LED is shining in blue. When I attach the...
  15. M

    Problems with charging

    Hello guys. I just received my Z2 Pro yesterday, and I seem to have some trouble with charging the phone and the battery percentage indicator. I noticed that I was getting unusually long battery time and started wondering if someting was wrong. Turns out that the battery indicator doesn't...
  16. K

    Zuk Z2 Pro battery life.

    Hello, Could anyone tell me something about battery in this model? I think to buy Z2 Pro or Z2 but i need to know more about battery. What Screen on Time You can reach? My actual phone usage is: -16hours of connection to internet (~12h wifi, ~4h mobile data) - mainly web browsing and max 1h of...