1. toto1988

    ZUK Z2 Pro - No ROM, No Recovery (TWRP) | Bootloop alle 5 Sekunden

    Hallo ZUK Fans, ich habe hier ein ZUK Z2 Pro mit dem ich seit Stunden kämpfe. Ich habe bereits mehrmals eine Stock ROM via QFIL aufgespielt. QFIL meldet immer "All finished successfully" und startet dann das Handy neu. Dann erscheint für kurze Zeit das ZUK Logo und anschließend kommt der...
  2. N

    Any help with this bootloop is greatly appreciated :(

    I was out tonight having a few drinks with some friends. I've had my phone for about 2 years now and on my way home it was on 0% for a while before I got a call and it shut down. After I got home I plugged it in and it for about half an hour it showed 0% the whole time while turned on and on my...
  3. V

    [IMPORTANT]Stuck at zuk logo

    Hello, yesterday I tried to install miui for my zuk z2, disabled the md5 check, and installed the rom.But after installing the phone won’t booted up, it only displayes my phone spec.(serialnumber, bootloader state).After that I entered to recovery and installed mokees rom for my phone.But it...
  4. D

    Hard Brick with black screen and bootloops. Help will be appreciated

    How my phone got bricked - Yesterday when i was listening to music my phone restarted, i turned it back on and it restarted again with a black screen (or blue screen because i can see it lighting up a bit). I tried restarting it multiple times, turning it off and also punching it but nothing...
  5. R

    Cant install any rom Stuck in boot

    Hello all, my z2plus is not getting on after installing any rom like aicp,rr,jaguar etc. problem faced after installing miui rom. in every rom its installs but stucks in boot logo. i have official twrp . pls help ONLY ZUI ROM INSTALLING AND RUNNING IN MY Z 2 PLUS
  6. S

    Which opengapps should we install?

    Today i got, what i think it is, a softbrick just flashing the open gapps ARM64-android6.0-micro through TWRP, instead of downloading every single google app from the chinese appstore that is preinstalled on EN/CN ZUI. I managed to recover it and flash again another ROM with QFIL/QPST (by...
  7. D

    Bootloop Zuk Z2 Pro help!

    Hey Zukfans! I bought a new zuk z2 pro from gearbest and it came with the international ROM. First I unlocked the deverloper options, then I unlocked the bootloader. After that I tried to install the stock ROM...