custom rom

  1. bruneba

    ROM [OFFICIAL] [9.0] [F2FS] Resurrection Remix P v7.0

    Get latest build: Mainteiner for z2pro is Agustin. MIRROR SCREEN IS WORKING!!! This Rom is Factory, then if you were using a...
  2. bruneba

    [FIX] E2001: Failed to Update Vendor Image ERROR 7 - Installing a Custom rom

    You want to try a new custom rom but every time you try to isntall it you get error E2001: Failed to Update Vendor Image.....ERROR 7 well, the fix is simple: 1 - flash TWRP Red Wolf 2- flash factory2vendor file 3- reboot to recovery 4- full wipe (dont wipe data and internal storage) 5- add...
  3. bruneba

    How to swipe between apps using U-touch Flash the zip file with twrp Open the button settings on your custom rom and configure the button that slides to open this: Recent Swipo >...
  4. K

    oxygen os for zukz2 plus(h2os)

    Oxygen Os Is Working Fine- Even BeachMark Score Is Above-154192 It Feels Like One Plus Device On Our Hand. I Am Using It As My Daily Driver It Works Perfectly Smooth And Fine Dash Charging Works Fine Camera Is Very Good Compared To All Other Custom Roms.
  5. W

    Where to buy stock, could I flash stock rom?

    Hi everyone. I'm thinking about buying a z2 pro from banggood, but ofcourse they felt the need to flash their own crappy rom. I checked out the topic on how to flash the stock rom, but it said it's impossible if you have a custom rom, also if it's one from a retailer like banggood. Is this true...
  6. L

    need some help with Lineage Os 14.1(ham)

    hello guys My Zuk Z1 is currently running on Lineage OS 14.1(ham) latest build (2017-11-07) but the fingerprint is still disabled. I got some queries 1) Is there a way to enable Fingerprint? 2) Will there be any Volte support for zuk z1 ? 3) are there gonna be any Custom Rom available for...
  7. A

    volte not working in any custom rom (Zuk Z2)

    So I unlocked bootloader and flashed a custom rom (AEX) for zuk z2. Everything worked fine except volte. I asked around and found out nobody was facing volte issue with the rom. I was in zui indian (android 7.0) before flashing rom, volte was working fine when I flashed rom. Ok I tried also...
  8. V

    Unlock bootloader Zuk Z2 in sep-2017 (unlock link not working anymore)

    Hey guys, I purchased a zuk z2 a few days back and just received the same yesterday and I have been trying to unlock it and it seems that i need to have a file for that that i can download from a link after filling a form. But the problem is that the links don't anymore, all are broken with a...
  9. A

    [ROM] ZUK Edge Magic Fun 7.1.2 Second Edition by Zhang -Super 丶 slow

    Hi plis upload this new rom to mega or anything Password : 4f73 Author: super slow Repair long press home Add Alipay Fingerprint payment Update part blob Kernel merge tag to caf the latest, add adrenoboost game optimization (specific usage reference my music...
  10. J

    Safe path from Custom shop ROM to Stock ZUI ROM

    Hello everyone! I am another noob user that ordered a ZUK Z2 PRO from Banggood and naturally will want to get rid of the the pre-installed shop rom so that I can fully benefit from the phone's full features through OTA updates. I started investigating the web to find the best solution for my...
  11. JnthnGE

    Stuck in bootloader and zuk logo

    Yesterday I was trying to install some ROMS (most of them didn´t work, don´t know why) and I don´t remember what I pressed that all my files from the internal storage were gone, even my backups, now the only thing I can do is install other ROMs but when I reboot the device it stays in the ZUK...
  12. O

    zuk z2 pro custom rom - needed support ( a lot of..)

    Hi* I've received my Z2pro off course I need another rom and root. so much I understand (and have loved with my previous phone..) And there it begins. I have absolutely no idea about twerp bootlock bootloader adp flash.... (and yes I've read several hours (> 20h) and it wasnt even enough to...
  13. SyriasSerj

    [FIXED] Home button/Back button error in custom ROMs

    Edit 2: AICP ROM works fine without any tweaking. Check it out HERE! Edit 1: I FIXED ON 21/01/2017! As someone said earlier (and as it was mentioned in an old post, called CM13 DIY U-Touch in CM13!) I entered with root into system/usr/keylayouts/fcp1020tp.kl with Root Browser in Text Editor...
  14. DD3Boh

    New zuk z2's telegram international group

    Hey everyone! Me and my friend KriiXOne made a group for all of zuk z2 users, everyone is invited and will be able to talk about custom roms, tell us the bugs and give us a logcat for fixing em and maybe talk some casual OT Channel: Group...
  15. R

    ROM Best ROM at this moment ? Need Help

    Hello everyone, What is at this moment the best (custom) ROM? - android 7 (it would be nice, android 6 also good) - u touch works - no bugs Please with link to download Greetings Ruben ^^ From The Netherlands
  16. D

    [Experimental] official Mokee Rom 7.1 Nougat released

    official Mokee Rom 7.1 Nougat released Download link please work on this.
  17. C

    Monkee release

    Hi these, it is a New mokee Firmware oht there since yesterday with no nightly status It is multi language. Anyone tested yet ?
  18. V

    ROM Mokee 60.1 Nightly official

    I don't know if anybody knew, the z2 pro is officially supported by mokee. I use this rom for a few weeks by now and its pretty stable. You can download the nightlies over here Little reminder: Don't use a build after 20160801 at the moment. They have...