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    Display or bricked ZUK Z2 Pro

    Hi, I'm looking for display unit or broken/bricked ZUK Z2 Pro. My has broken screen, nothing shows on it. Does anyone have for sale? I prefer whit version and shipping from Poland, but it doesn't really matters.
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    Daten retten bei defektem Display

    Hi Leute, leider habe ich den Display meines Zuk Z2 Pro kaputt gemacht. Ich würde jedoch gern die Daten darauf retten. Allgemeine Infos: Display ist und bleibt schwarz, Benachrichtigungs-LED funktionniert, Vibration funktioniert, (ich glaube) Fingerabdrucksensor funktioniert: USB-Debugging ist...
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    No touch

    Hi! My zuk had no touch response in the exact bottom half of the display after it fell down. I thought the connecting cable might be broken a little so i got a new display which i assembled today. Everything works fine, except there is no touch at all anymore -_- Double checked the...
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    Display problem - purple stripe

    Hi guys, yesterday I installed the new update to version ZUI 2.1.140 ST via OTA. Everything was fine but after rebooting android and showing the ZUK logo I realized a purple stripe on the right side of my display. I do not know if this has something to do with the Update. I am more confinced...