1. S

    Questions about China ROM

    1. Is 2.3.042 the most stable China ROM right now? (I'm aware of 2.5.141 and 2.5.153 based on Nougat but I'm not sure how stable it is) 2. Is English included in the official China ROM? (I'm aware of the custom multilanguage one in the forum but I'd like to go with the official ROM) 3. How do...
  2. v1nc

    ROM [ROOT][TWRP]Z1 ZUI 2.1.049 ST

    Hello: What I got for you is the newest zui 2.1.049 prerooted with english as default language. First of all, thanks to captainemo for repacking and publishing, here can you download: https://yadi.sk/d/iS8ocejPussYv It's a flashable zip, so all you got to do is install twrp somehow(there are...
  3. A

    Chinese apps language

    Hi guys. I changed my zuk z2 pro language to spanish. Is any way to change Uhealth or others appa like this, to english like if I will choose english in languages? Maybe with apk extractor or something like that. Thanks so much. PS:I use locale & language app, obviously being root.
  4. P

    Lockscreen controls

    Hi! I'm about to buy a new phone and it's down to either OP3 or the Z2 pro. Now I'm hoping that the experts on this forum can help me decide One of my key issues is whether or not I can control Spotify directly from the lock screen? I know that it is possible on the OP3 and I'm hoping that it...