1. FixForce

    Need help recovering from hard brick

    Hello. Yesterday, while trying to install a custom rom, I experienced a hard brick. If I try to boot the phone, the screen stays black and the phone vibrates, led blinks and this happens regularly (about every 10 seconds). I already made a deep flash cable and it worked, since now my phone is...
  2. D

    Update OTA fail from 2.5.462 ST to 3.1.194 ST

    Hi to all, I have Zuk z2 pro with ZUI 2.5.462 ST. Sometimes I check for a update but phone shows nothing to update. Yesterday I have checked again for a update and it shows there is a update available -> 3.1.194 ST I have tried to update but I get a error in Chineese and after that screen I...
  3. H

    Download Fail: Sahara Fail:QSaharaServer Fail: ProcessFail

    Hi, ich hab mit dieser Übersetzung (zukfans . eu/community/threads/anleitung-zuk-z2-pro-stock-rom-flashen-per-qpst-qfil-playstore.5426/)der Anleitung zum flashen gearbeitet und hoffe ihr könntet mir vielleicht helfen. Ich bekomme aber immer den Fehler: "Download Fail: Sahara Fail:QSaharaServer...
  4. R

    how to unbrick

    hi i bricked my zuk z2 by mistake installed z2 pro rom with twrp no zuk logo diod doesn't working no vibration when i connect phone it show diagnostic 900e
  5. N

    Twrp flash error

    Hello, I try install TWRP but i have this error : fastboot -i 0x2b4c flash unlock twrp.img target reported max download size of 1610612736 bytes sending 'unlock' (19760 KB)... OKAY [ 0.449s] writing 'unlock'... FAILED (remote: Invalid data) finished. total time: 0.638s I have try witch other...
  6. F

    Impossible Zuk Brick

    Hi guys, have a problem. I have already found in situations of brick but I have done alone always her. This time no. I have decided to load, through QFIL, the ROM Chinese stock 1.9.044st with negative result (the error is the sahara fail). Trying with different ROM (always stock obviously)...