1. JnthnGE

    failed to mount /firmware zuk z2

    So I was trying to update TWRP from 3.1.1 to 3.2.1 and when I flashed the .img file it asked me where I wanted to flash it to, and by mistake I pressed the firmware option, now everytime I try to install something from there it apears a message saying "failed to mount /firmware (invalid...
  2. J

    ZUI 3.0 for Zuk Edge?

    Hi :) Im actually on 2.5.470ST version with my ZUK Edge and i didnt do the last MAJ (which is the 2.5.500, right?) because i heard that ZUI 3.0 is close. But apparently for the Zuk Edge still nothing yet. Somebody has any clue about this? :) Thank you, Have a nice day!
  3. Esmallin

    [ROM] Zui 2.5.500 TWRP

    Here you have the last ZUI 2.5.500 for TWRP installation:
  4. K

    Von GearBest Firmware zur Stock Nougat Firmware

    Hab heute beim ZUK Z2 von GearBest bekommen. Ist ZUI Version 2.0.093 ST (Android 6) drauf (mit deutschen Texten). Ich will jetzt die original Firmware installieren um von OTA Updates zu profitieren. Dazu muss ich unbedingt den Bootloader entsperren (und auf die Garantie verzichten), ja? Oder...
  5. Jack Hammer

    Won't Boot (Stuck on ZUK Loading)

    (QFIL) Flashed and updated firmware to 2.0.069 ST Unlocked Installed TWRP and rooted (TWRP) Then I installed Franko's 2.3.042 ST firmware, which was successful. I just wanted reflash GAPPs, and that's when it wouldn't boot. Tried to reflash with TWRP (Successful) but phone still crashes on...
  6. Jack Hammer

    Help Needed! Z2131 (Plus)

    Here is what I have accomplished: Flashed and updated firmware to 2.0.069 ST Unlocked Installed TWRP and rooted I believe I just have to install firmware, this is where I need help. Is 2.3.042 ST (Multilanguage) francko76 the most up to date firmware? Does this include GApps? Which method do I...