1. R

    nie mogę przeskoczyć na wyższy ROM ponad android 7.1

    Witajcie ZUK Z2plus Ostatnio chciałem coś zmienić, i potestować android 9.0, i tu pojawił się problem, po instalacji romu z androidem 9.0 dostaję niebieski ekran i telefon się resetuje. Próbowałem RomY od różnych wydawców, i za każdym razem jest to samo. jak chce wrócić na poprzedni rom to...
  2. P

    I have bricked Zuk Z2, and I can't flash it!

    Hello, I have a Zuk Z2 phone, and I can't unbrick it. The phone only can stay turned on when the battery is attached and have charge, and only the screen is light up with black light, and when you press and hold the power button vibrates. And when I plug it into the PC, the only indication, that...
  3. bruneba

    [FIX] E2001: Failed to Update Vendor Image ERROR 7 - Installing a Custom rom

    You want to try a new custom rom but every time you try to isntall it you get error E2001: Failed to Update Vendor Image.....ERROR 7 well, the fix is simple: 1 - flash TWRP Red Wolf 2- flash factory2vendor file 3- reboot to recovery 4- full wipe (dont wipe data and internal storage) 5- add...
  4. bruneba

    Newbie Paradise FAQ - read this before creating a new thread

    Use Ctrl+F to search for keywords like: "bootloader", "update","sahara", "brick" etc... - "Finally I got my beloved Zuk. :p -But wait, it isnt turning on... -But wait, it isnt turning off... - I cant get notifications in time.. - I cant get notification at all... - why my phone is rebooting so...
  5. bruneba

    Newbie Paradise FAQ - read this before creating a new thread

    Use Ctrl+F to search for keywords like: "bootloader", "update","sahara" etc... "Finally I got my beloved Zuk. :p -But wait, it isnt turning on... -But wait, it isnt turning off... - I cant get notifications in time.. - I cant get notification at all... - why my phone is rebooting so often? -...
  6. bruneba

    Zui 8.0 Oreo Dev Rom friendly guide *google app fix*

    I want to thanks @mar.ur , @tuncayeser and @Emmaus to help with this tutorial. now the rom is more stable than before. NEW VERSION 3.5.231 <---------------------------- please activate the caption. ------------------------------------------------------------------ JUST AFTER INSTALLING...
  7. bruneba

    I cant update, please help

    I did a flash to lock bootloader and remove root, (i use 1.9) but now I cant update, there isnt any update available in System update... what can I do? I tried to use FlyVPN but I couldnt find china to connect i need to update via ota, I cant flash to a recent version
  8. O

    ZUK Z2 pro Zui ROM CN+EN

    Γεια σας Πηρα απο Ελλαδα ενα zuk z2 pro στα βιαστικα,αφου ξεμεινα απο κινητο λογω καταστροφης απο πεσιμο του παλιου μου,με την International ROM .Αθλια ROM και χωρις πολλη σκεψη την εβγαλα πιστευοντας οτι θα εβρισκα καποια καλυτερη .Ερριξα διαβασμα,εκανα unlock bootloader,εγκατασταση του...
  9. K

    Please help me with updating/flashing my phone (I'm an absolute beginner)

    Hi guys, I purchased a ZUKZ2 pro from banggood. Unfortunately, it's most likely a custom rom as my ZUI version is 2.1.120 ST and Android version is 6.0.1. My phone has been overheating and I've heard it might be an issue with the rom. I've been trying to search everywhere for guides and...
  10. X

    go back to 6.0 from 7.1.2

    Hi everyone, I've had a zuk z2 since 6 months ago, and I flashed the resurrection remix, thinking it would have made it better. It turned out to improve performance, but the camera quality is just awful. I followed the guide on this forum to flash the new rom over the bangood one the phone came...
  11. V

    Unlock bootloader Zuk Z2 in sep-2017 (unlock link not working anymore)

    Hey guys, I purchased a zuk z2 a few days back and just received the same yesterday and I have been trying to unlock it and it seems that i need to have a file for that that i can download from a link after filling a form. But the problem is that the links don't anymore, all are broken with a...
  12. H

    Download Fail: Sahara Fail:QSaharaServer Fail: ProcessFail

    Hi, ich hab mit dieser Übersetzung (zukfans . eu/community/threads/anleitung-zuk-z2-pro-stock-rom-flashen-per-qpst-qfil-playstore.5426/)der Anleitung zum flashen gearbeitet und hoffe ihr könntet mir vielleicht helfen. Ich bekomme aber immer den Fehler: "Download Fail: Sahara Fail:QSaharaServer...
  13. renge

    Welcher Anleitung folgen und welche ROM ist empfehlenswert?

    Hallo, Ich bin derzeit auf DirtyUnicorn 11.5. Da ich die ROM einfach drübergespielt habe funktionieren meine mobilen Daten nicht mehr. Daher möchte ich jetzt neu aufsetzen. Welcher Anleitung soll ich am besten folgen? Dachte an diese...
  14. G

    Cual ZUK comprar?

    Hola gente, estoy pensando en comprar un ZUK edge 4GB ram por 255 dolares en aliexpress, aunque no se si comprar ese o un ZUK Z2 Pro de 6 gb de ram por 270 dolares, que me recomiendan? Es muy importante la diferencia de 2 GB de ram? Se va a notar el SnapDragon 621 en vez del 620? Es mejor el Z2...
  15. J

    Hard Bricked even after flash

    i maked all point ... with success, but ... After Qfil end works my phone still bricked i got black screen w white Led like always :/ any solution ?
  16. DarkWinterCloud

    Guide How to Properlly install a Custom Rom [Newbie]

    Hello Guys, I'm doing this step by step because I see that for a great number of users it's the first time they are installing a custom rom on an android device, so I will create this massive thread in order to explain the most newbie proof way I can, presuming you know what a custom rom already...
  17. F

    Stuck with vendor ROM, please help

    Hello, Im not the best at this but I got a ZUK Z1 from aliexpress and it has malware and spyware on it. All I want to do is wipe it away flash the official OTA compatible ZUI rom. Google store I will install myself. I have two problems though: 1. where can i get real stock fastboot rom? 2...
  18. E

    Replace/Remove Chinese characters in Apps without root

    I'm currently on nougat chinese stock rom. Just want to ask if there is by any chance any way to replace the Chinese characters in some stock apps i.e. calendar, contacts, weather etc with english without rooting/flash. Already have google play installed. Would appreciate any recommendations...
  19. M

    Z2 can't boot into recovery

    Hey guys. So here's the thing. I unlocked the zuk's z2 bootloader using the standard method (fastboot -i 0x2b4c flash unlock unlock_bootloader.img, with the img they sent me via email, and then fastboot -i 0x2b4c oem unlock-go), and then I went to flash the TWRP recovery. I downloaded the...
  20. O

    Help!!! unable to ADB nor Qfil flash Zuk z2 pro

    Hi I'm fucked, i was testing "screeen shift" app but things went wrong and now I'm unable to use the touchscreen nor even able to see whats going on. Developers posted (on Xda) to reset screen settings with adb comands but I cant accept adb Confirmation prompt. It seems that USB debugging is...