1. M

    google backup 3.5.388 ST

    Hey there I cannot backup to my gdrive... under settings > google > backup It states " waiting to backup" when I go to gdrive app > backups > it says: "Your device is not backed up " In Bakcup settings (blue url) "backup account" is greyish and saiys: "Backing up to debug-only private...
  2. BeGeek


    Comment Installer la ROM CUSTOM Official Mokee Open Source Project ? /!\ CETTE OPÉRATION COMPORTE DES RISQUES /!\ On ne sera point tenu responsable des éventuels problèmes rencontrés Avec Antutu, Zolieeeeee Score :p Un Lenovo Zuk Z2 Pro [Z2Pro] Avoir déverrouiller son...
  3. bruneba

    No way to set google as system app. Help!

    I tried using systemizer module for magisk and it doesnt keep google as system app after reboot. Using luckypatcher or any other app that do it automatically, just make google disappear after reboot. Doing it manually too... How could I make it as system app? Same for play store. I can set...
  4. bruneba


    I tried it and it is working fine (only english I guess) Here is the link
  5. orlandolago

    Problems with Google Apps (AICP ROM)

    Hello Gentlemen, I would like request kindly your opinion and help for a situation is occurring on my Z2 PRO. Last Saturday I installed normally through TWRP 3.1.0 the AICP 7.1.2 available here and after the Google Apps Package (ARM64 - Android 7.1 - Stock). After all processes running OK and...
  6. K

    Google setting location?

    Hello there, I'm fresh using this zuk (Z2 model) phone. I got question that I don't find the answer by google it. Where is Google setting location on the phone? Because I want to transfer data use set up nearby device method. Sorry If I don't put on the right thread. Thanks.
  7. A

    Connection problem

    Hi. I have problem with my zuk z2. The google play downloading seems to drastically slow down after couple seconds of downloading with the speed of 5mb/s to the very low 400kb/s (on my pc it works fine), and i have problems with watching youtube on it, cause the quality higher than 480p is...
  8. Jack Hammer

    Google Now Launcher not Opening

    QTIF flashed to Indian ROM then OTA update to 2.0.133 ST. Google Now Launcher is installed but when opened, reveals the desktop. Not sure how to fix.
  9. Francko76

    ROM Z2pro GLOBAL ROM v1 - 20161107

    ...and finally, the z2pro releases.... Global Rom for Z2pro ! This rom features: Google Launcher with all Pixel Wallpapers and 3D live wallpapers Google Dialer Google Messanging Google Contacts Google Calendar and Calculator Rom is based on Zui and has these almost full languages English -...
  10. C

    Google Account

    Hi I get this message always when try to add Google account: Couldn't sign in There was a problem communicating with Google servers. Try again later. Anyone can help??? Thanks
  11. F

    Z2 Play Store 1kbit second Donwload speed. HELP.

    Hey Everyone I just got the Phone I can browse and everything goes well. But when I donwload something from the Playstore it is at a max of 1K per Second. So it will basically not download. Resetted the Phone again, stil not working. I can download one app after reset, then it will stop...