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    [HELP] My ZUK suddenly won't get past of TWRP state.

    I was just watching a youtube video, and suddenly my phone restarts and goes into recovery mode, in wich case mine is TWRP, and since then I can't restart my phone. I already tried restarting it, wiping Dalvik/Art Cache, Cache, Sytem, Data, Vendor, reinstalling my ROM (Jaguar 8.1), but nothing...
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    Phone's dead? need suggestions to revive dead zuk z2- cannot charge

    Less than a year ago, my lenovo zuk z2 got a water damage and the screen went black. got the lcd replaced and the phone's working like a charm. some problems is touch screen randomly register touch during charging and sometimes stop charging but didnt bother much. then the battery went dead one...
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    Zuk Z2 loses settings after reboot

    Hi I have my Zuk Z2 since one year and everything just worked out fine. But since 3 days I am facing a issue after every reboot, my Zuk Z2 with Zui 3.5.389 ST and Android 8.0 resets its settings. It's not like a factory reset, but it resets language to chinese, time to am and pm instead of 24...
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    HARD(er) BRICKED my Phone

    Greetings, I'll try to be concise. I woke up today to flash the MIUI 9 rom that i put to download last night. In TWRP, I started with a clean install, wiped data, dalvik, system, internal storage, cache. I put these three files to flash: Miui 9 for zuk z2 zip Beans gapps 7.1.x Magisk...
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    [Need Help] Zuk Z2 Unable to Flash Roms

    I just finished unbricking my device after installing a rom badly and now I get this error when rebooting "our device cannot be checked for corruption can't lock the bootloader" and also when i try to flash a rom it gets stuck on the first step.