1. DarkWinterCloud

    Anyway to port safe center to Indian Zui?

    Is anyone working on it or there is any similar app that has similar functions?
  2. S

    Hide soft navigation keys

    I've just flashed indian rom, and as you get google now launcher, you get also the soft navigation keys. We have a hard button that works just fine, so i'd like to hide this soft keys but i don't find where in the settings a toogle to do it. Has someone achieved it? Thanks
  3. S

    Mirror for 2.0.093 Indian/Global ROM

    Hi all! Does anyone have a mirror download link for the official 2.0.093 Indian/Global ROM? I can't download the one uploaded in as I reach the quota limit. Thanks! EDIT: Never mind, I was able to find one. You can download the ROM by clicking here, it's much faster to download.
  4. N

    Z2plus ZUI 2.0.093_ST and Xposed

    Hey there! I am currently having trouble with flashing Xposed on my Z2. I tried systemless Xposed with Magisk and the official one (arm64, v87 - also tried v85 once). The result is on both devices the same: a boot loop. I have Magisk and phh's Superuser (because SuperSU doesn't work) if that's...

    New tO Z2 Plus

    What new things you want in Indian Z2 Plus Next Upgrade. Like I need. Option to select 2G/3G for second sim. Option to block hotspot user. Andriod Nougat Change wallpaper at stand by mode. Shortcut by a side bar like sony mobile to make Z2 flagship. And many more.. Write your own.
  6. S

    How to Install Dolby Atmos into Zuk Z2 Indian Variant

    Hi All, I recently purchased the ZUK Z2 Plus .I am happy how the device is except in few areas. I live on music , i had a great experience with Dolby Atmos system in other mobiles . So i was wondering if I can install Dolby atmos in my Indian variant without voiding the warranty. And quick...
  7. J

    Push notifications not working properly

    Hello people Yesterday I flashed my zuk z2 to the indian rom and then updated to 2.0.111 because i was on the chinese version and i read that the push notifications didn't work because of safecenter. But now on the indian rom the problem persists and i don't know how to solve it. I only get...