1. M

    Zuk Z2 call not sent

    Hi I am facing a problem with my ZUK Z2. After removing the second sim card I am not able to do any calls. My signal strength is fine the sim card is fine (already tried a diffrent one) and I have tried if the problem is solved when I reinsert the second sim card as before but it's still the...
  2. J

    USB Debugging Mode Problem

    Hello , How can i avtivate , if it's possible usb debugging mode when my phone is bricked . Thanks .
  3. L

    Always face this problem.

    Please help me, friends. I always flash this zuk z2 when I found this problem. after flash, the zuk is good, buy after 2-3 weeks, this problem comes to my zuk. please help me how to fixed this permanently. zuk z2 plus. 4GB/64GB. last rom: stock cn rom 3.1.102 ST. I can't upload video at...
  4. Altarx

    ZUK Z2 - Problem z zasięgiem, LTE, i odtwarzaczem.

    Cześć, korzystałem z fona na starym podajże Zui 1.9 jak do mnie przyszedł z Menu jeszcze i gubiło mi często zasięg a samo LTE nie działało wcale tylko 3G wskakiwało. również gdy słuchałem Muzyki w Poweramp'ie czy AIMP'ie to raz na jakiś czas piosenki się pauzowały czy ściszały, zmieniłem ROM na...
  5. K

    Multilangual play store on stock rom [Solved]

    HI guys , i would know if it's possible to install the gapp (play store) in another language that system language (French for me) because all app are installing in English and k can't modify this in parameters , i would like to have my app in my language (French) as it's exist ^^ All ideas are...
  6. Altarx

    Zmiana tapety [ZUK Z2]

    Cześć. Na moim nowym zuku od paru Miechów wgralem sobie rom ZUI 2.5 by Franck076 i ma parę problemów jak gubienie zasięgu czy czasem mi słuchawki zerwie ale nie rozumiem czemu nie działa mi zmiana tapety. Wchodzę w ustawieniach w tapeta tam w te motywy jak tarcza do lotek czy tarcza kapitana...
  7. bruneba

    titanium backup on stock rom?

    Is anyone else having this problem in titanium backup? in my other phone, the background is all black, but in zuk the background turns white and I can not see what is written because the letters are white too. I'm in the last version, I've tried to change themes, but nothing changes
  8. K

    Catastrophic overheating on any ROM and any software

    Hello everybody, I've got my z2 pro a few days ago and almost from the first day I'm experiencing overheating problem. It not depends on ROM or software but it just heating over and over. When I'm putting it asleep - it cools down, but when I'm starting to use it - it heats much, usual...
  9. DarkWinterCloud

    [ADM]Lack of forum account functionality

    I want to chance my account name on the forum, searched everywhere, impossible. Sent a message to ADM, no answer. I want to delete my account so I can create a new one with the new username, impossible. I want to contact directly and ADM by message when he or she is online to ask some help, no...
  10. G

    FakeRom / ShopRom / VendorRom

    I just bought the phone and i seem to be having an issue. The thing is, it comes with ZUI 1.9.077 ST, Android 6.0.1 and i want to upgrade it, but when i click the System Update option, the Settings app just closes, As simple as that. I want to upgrade my ROM but i dont want to void my warranty...
  11. DarkWinterCloud

    Section for Harware problems and doubts needed

    Since our phones arent perfect, they too can have hardware related problems... As a technician, I´m very happy to help people when a hardware problem appers, but on the forum, its hard to have any assistance for those things. I know that this may not be the main reason for this forum, but at...
  12. A

    Have a few touch issues on my Z2. Is it due to the stock rom or a hardware defect?

    I got the Z2(3/32 model) yesterday and so far, I haven't been very pleased with it. Whenever I swipe across the screen, it gets registered as multiple touches. Sometimes, the touches get registered on screen (confirmed by the 'show visual touches in display' in dev options) but nothing happens...
  13. A

    [SOLVED] Issues with Zuk Z2 Pro + Android Wear

    Hi guys, I just bought this phone and I'm having issues with my Motorola Moto 360 1st Gen. I have the watch synchronized with the phone, but I only receive notifications from Spotify, and not receive from other applications like whatsapp, telegram, gmail, etc. The Android Wear app has all...
  14. dieguezguille

    [ISSUE] Z2 Pro audio issues from factory!

    Hello, I recently owned a ZUK Z2 Pro from and it came in a sealed box, like new. No GApps installed and chinese language. As soon I started it I inserted my SIM card and tried to make a phone call. I describe my problem as follows: 1 - Input phone number to call and press green...
  15. Hydro

    I accidentaly deleted the ROM on my Zuk Z2 pro

    Hello there ! I'm not sure to be in the right section for looking for help, redirect me if needed. I was trying to flash my device with TWRP recovery to get Mokee on my phone. I had a lot of trouble but finally everything was ok and I just had to press "flash". But after that, the process...