1. S

    Notification fix for zui ( root needed)

    This method is tested only on 4.0.247, probably works on previous zuis but not sure. First of all this guide was written first and tested by @nick234242 I just get everything to one post to easier job. Lets start: 1. Root your little zui / actually i prefer magisk cuz hide function but...
  2. D

    When i update a app notifications get disabled (ZUI 3.5)

    Every time I update a app with play store it resets the apps notifications to disabled. Every time i update a app i have to go into settings at change it. Due to this bug i have lost many messages. A temporarily "fix" is to disable auto app update. I'm on 3.5.315 ST and the bug was also present...
  3. S

    Zuk Z2 Pro (z2121) Notifications Issue with SafeCenter Disabled (MultiLanguage Custom ROM)

    Hello..! I have read similar posts some other times but none of them gave me exactly the answers I wanted..! So I'm starting a new one..! Two weeks ago, I received a Zuk Z2 Pro (z2121) I purchased from BangGood..! It came with a Multilanguage ROM (probably a Custom Firmware or a Rooted Official...
  4. X

    ZUI 2.5.379 - Notifications

    Hello guys, recently i bought this phone but since then, my apps didn't get notifications after a while when phone is dozing. Made except rule for all of my apps in battery optimization, in autostart and also in that ram cleaner. I'm coming from Redmi Note 3 Pro so i'm at home with tinkering my...
  5. J

    Zuk Edge notifications problem

    hi :) I read a topic about the Zuk Z1 in this forum which users seems to have the same problem I tried everything but nothing works. For example : if I don't open WhatsApp, i don't get the notifications. I just try and retried with a friend, and It doesn't work. It makes me crazy as i did...
  6. K

    Rom that is running notifications

    Good evening everyone. I have a problem and maybe they can help me. I read many reports and witnessed other bugs in the roms of zuk z2. I'm looking for a STOCK rom (preference for Chinese but I do not dispense with Indian) that does not have problems notifying apps (whatsapp, gmail, among...
  7. N

    Notifications not working properly (2.5.334st)

    Zuk z2 with Chinese ROM 2.5.334st installed, first installed 2.0 something using QPST and then updated by turning VPN on. I noticed my notifications are somewhat unstable to pop (whatsapp and messenger), sometimes they come right away, sometimes they take several minutes or hours. Leaving these...
  8. A


    Buenas, hace un par de días que tengo el terminal y en cuanto me llego le puse la rom de Francko76. El único fallo que le encuentro a la rom son las notificaciones, que aun teniendo la aplicación abierta, con el candado, y con todo (creo) activado para que me las muestre. Alguien más tiene este...
  9. T

    After the official OTA update to 2.5 (Nougat) systems sounds are being muted often

    It is like the phone goes to silent mode. No alarm sound, no income calls sound, no notifications sound. Anyone else...?Join me in this wonderful, ZUK-fulfilling experience.
  10. A

    [SOLVED] Issues with Zuk Z2 Pro + Android Wear

    Hi guys, I just bought this phone and I'm having issues with my Motorola Moto 360 1st Gen. I have the watch synchronized with the phone, but I only receive notifications from Spotify, and not receive from other applications like whatsapp, telegram, gmail, etc. The Android Wear app has all...
  11. D

    Notifications on stock ZUI

    Guys, I use stock ROM. The only thing I do not like is that notifications are cleared from the statusbar immediately after I saw them. Is there any way to change behaviour to vanilla Android behaviour? Like they seat there until I touch it or swipe it.
  12. S

    Notifications issues with zui 2.5

    Hi everybody, Since I upgrade to Zui 2.5 (OTA Chinese rom), I have been experienced some issues with some notifications, over almost with whatsapp application. The problem is that I receive the notifications later, and sometimes I have to enter in the whatsapp application to receive the...
  13. J

    Push notifications not working properly

    Hello people Yesterday I flashed my zuk z2 to the indian rom and then updated to 2.0.111 because i was on the chinese version and i read that the push notifications didn't work because of safecenter. But now on the indian rom the problem persists and i don't know how to solve it. I only get...
  14. zuktastic

    [SOLUTION]For notifications, auto-start and background running apps for ZUi ROMS!

    Solution to notifications and background running apps! 1. Give the apps the necessary permissions to work in background, auto start, to show notifications in lockscreen whatever you want. 2. The problem is the safe center app. It is a permission manager, antivirus, power management...